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12th Feb 2003, 22:25
According to the TV Listings, those of us in the UK can look forward to two programmes about Kelly Johnson's masterpieces:

Thursday 13th Feb, 8pm, "Battle Stations" on Channel 4 focuses on the SR-71 and next Thursday, 20th Feb at the same time, the programme is about the P-38.

Good stuff one hopes!

John Farley
14th Feb 2003, 19:51
I thought the SR-71 story was told very well.

What a jet and what a man Kelly Johnson was. If they ever get cloning sorted then they should start with one of him.

PPRuNe Pop
14th Feb 2003, 19:57
After that, one of you John.

14th Feb 2003, 21:05
I'll second that, Pop!

14th Feb 2003, 21:32
I haven't seen it yet, my video has gone tech, but hopefully the distaff parent's video was equal to the task! Well, I programmed it, so I'm probably doomed... doomed...

Clones? Well Dolly the Sheep just been put down (Radio 4, 10pm) so, steady chaps...

John - you started your autobiog yet?