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12th Feb 2003, 17:50
Afternoon all,

Iím sitting the CPL exams in a couple of weeks time and am trying to locate additional sample questions.

Any ideas where these could be found.


12th Feb 2003, 22:09

This might help you.

I too am doing CPL and have checked with the CAA on this subject.

I understand that the CPL exam questions are drawn from the same database as the ATPL questions:( there is only the one database).

In effect they are the same questions, except that they do not cover such issues as IFR, Mach numbers and jet engines, etc that rightfully belong to the ATPL.

If you have not already got them, I suggest you get the ATPL/CPL/IR learning objectives from the JAA website. From these, you can see just what is in the ATPL that is not in the CPL.

Very best wishes,


Dynamic Apathy
13th Feb 2003, 00:40
Have you tried ringing around the schools. I've heard that Oxford sell feedback packs

Andrew M
13th Feb 2003, 23:42
Try Pilot Warehouse on www.pilotwarehouse.co.uk - they provide next day delivery service for around £7

I use them all the time - very good service.

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