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Critical Reynolds No
11th Feb 2003, 09:50
Hi All,

Apart from the usual F-16, F-15, F-18 from the US and the most of the RAAF fleet, can anyone tell me what different aircraft will put on a display? Will the Hawk do a display this time? Is the Meteor and canberra displaying as well?

Still deciding to turn up or not but if it is going to be the same as last time I may not bother.


11th Feb 2003, 21:25
Expect fleet of Cathay jets parked on taxiway, the odd PA44 doing ILS practice but nothing much more.
Bit more action in 2003 though;)

Buster Hyman
12th Feb 2003, 01:23
Fleet of Cathay jets??? You've heard differently to me. I know there'll be a clapped out freighter down there, that Joe Q & the missus will be allowed to walk through, but that's about it!:}

High Altitude
12th Feb 2003, 02:17
:O Me tinks people not reading properly or drinking to much of that good stuff:rolleyes:

Was is a good show in 2002?:)

Ahhh 2001 what a show, think I can remember...

Have fun at 03 guys, hope there are heaps of different displays and that Friday night alight goes off with a bang...

:D :D :D

12th Feb 2003, 02:43
Are there going to be aerial displays by military jets. If so what is the best date to go?

12th Feb 2003, 03:00
If you care to look at the website "Airshows Downunder", you will see all you want!

Critical Reynolds No
12th Feb 2003, 03:43
Hehe. Sorry lads.

Yes 2001 was great. Flew in Fri and Sat. Not Avalon East mind you!! Was great departing off the taxiway Saturday afternoon! Shh!
The night was great apart from hearing about the loss of the A4 that was due to display that night.

I tried looking at the main site but saw nothing. That's why I asked in here.

Feather #3
12th Feb 2003, 05:46

If you can only make one day, go Friday. Show starts at 1500, finishes 2130.

G'day ;)

high talker
12th Feb 2003, 07:59
Went to the show today Wednesday. Felt a little let down not a great deal of aircraft there to past years but believe there is still a lot to arrive, maybe?? Flying display today not bad only the usual F-18 F-16 etc. Aparently display alot better today talking to others there and said flying action yesterday only consisted a few A/C.

Eastwest Loco
12th Feb 2003, 11:02
You guys all missed the biggie. :D :D

Devonport 2003 - last weekend.

Nothing anywhere near Avalon of course but a well run and entertaining show. Dragged in 16,000 people which was a great effort on a perfect day.

Two F111s present one doing a display with a ballistic dump and burn, and the mandatory skare the kids pass - brilliant.

Strikemaster and Yak52, Roulettes, red Berets parachuting, aerobatics all with RPT arriving and departing in the midst of it.

Damned fine effort for a regional centre.

Gotta love the F111s - they are such a magnificent beast and an absolute pleasure to watch and feel as they blast by. 1950s technology in its finest form.

Best all