View Full Version : Bomb found on Qf 74 at WSSS on Sat?

10th Feb 2003, 04:18
G'day guys
A friend of mine in the media today asked me if had heard about several devices found on board at QF 74 at WSSS on Saturday.
It seems to being kept quiet but the media seem to have found out about it and are now asking questions big time.
Apparantly found by crew doing pre-flight.
With an alert issued 3 more devices where found on the aircraft.
Anyone heard anything?

Travelling Toolbox
10th Feb 2003, 04:40
Rumour Olympics

Uhm now let's see Ramjager :

Artistic content & originality -

Fair but marked down for lack of supporting tasty morsels (like "and confirmed by the Townsville refueller")

Degree of difficulty (to confirm) -


Overall score: 5.2

Good effort.

This is, after all, a rumour network:D :D

Buster Hyman
10th Feb 2003, 04:43
If so, why was the aircraft held for 3 hours only? Knowing QF crew, why on Earth would they get back on it? Wouldn't there be a forensic requirement that would ground the aircraft indefinately?

I guess the Bushfires & Iraq aren't selling papers as much are they?:rolleyes:

CoolHand Luke
10th Feb 2003, 05:44
G'day Ramjager

It was actually QF32, a B744 ops LHR-SIN-SYD. Was delayed in SIN for 4hrs.


10th Feb 2003, 08:09
Nice info,my mate actually heard it was QF34 but no doubt you are correct.
Was the a/c on the way through wsss or just a stopover.The story he heard was the a/c had been parked for some time and the crew found something during the pre flight.
If it was going to happen somewhere i'd say Singapore would be as good a place as any.
Any idea how good the security around the airport was?.I'd say its going to be bumped up now though!
I have no idea what the requirements are for the on-movement of an a/c on which something has been found.Any idea's

10th Feb 2003, 08:15
Whats the world coming to when we have people believing what their friends in the media tell them????

:confused: :confused:

10th Feb 2003, 19:37
Give it up Ramjager- even if people did have information on a so called bomb, they wouldn't post it on a public forum.

10th Feb 2003, 21:46
Seems like everyone's been read the riot act over this one!

The source was actually aviation related not media its just that as always they ended up with it.

We couldn't have the truth getting out as it might actually scare the travelling public (and us) into the fact that this is a shooting war.With some shots actually coming back at us so it seems.

Maybe none of us are as safe as we think.

I for one will be keeping my eye's open from now on.


Capt Fathom
10th Feb 2003, 23:32
I can't imagine it's a big secret, as there was an report in the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney.

10th Feb 2003, 23:54
more likely ramjager you are another parasite reporter trying to create yet another hesteria driven article.

11th Feb 2003, 03:14

Surely one would think you'd employ a slightly more intelligent way of soliciting some info.
Doesnt matter really, the media would only cock it up and call the aircraft a Qantas DC8 with 830 pax or something just as ridiculous.

Besides Ramjagger do you honestly think the Singaporean authorities would jeapardise the reputation of Singapore Changi airport by letting an aircraft depart with "several explosive devices" as you quote?
If a device was found you could expect an aircraft to be towed away to a secure area and the devices neutralised before an exhaustive heavy maintenance inspection taking at least a week or so.

Did this happen Ramjagger you fool?
It was delayed a whole four hours before the authorities gave the OK according to the media release I read.

And what about the crew Ramjagger?
Give them an ounce of credibility will you.

Now you know why professional aircrew hate the trash media that chooses to unnecessarily sensationaliseall aviation matters, blow everything out of proportion and then get inappropriate quotes from unqualified people (normally hysterical pax etc).

13th Feb 2003, 06:09
Are cabin bags that are left on the aircraft by accident these 'explosive devices' you talk about?

There's no riot act Ramjagger... Just people that are sensible about commenting on security issues. In this case however, I don't think people are saying much beacuse its simply a non-event!