View Full Version : QF 737 at East Sale

8th Feb 2003, 20:34
Heard Qantas B737-300 TAB landing at YMES on Saturday afternoon.

Any ideas???

9th Feb 2003, 01:24
Fire Fighter Charter . . .

9th Feb 2003, 04:10
QF 733 VH-TAH operated into YMES today (09/02). Just departed for ADL.

11th Feb 2003, 04:09
QF 733 VH-TAH operated into YMES AGAIN today (11/02). Just departed for ADL.

11th Feb 2003, 04:44
This interests me. If I recall correctly, some of these 737 drivers have been flying the little beast since September 1989 and maybe even before that.

A long time to be on the one machine, and all the longer for it having few attractions. So its good to see the troops getting to see somewhere exotic.

Perhaps we should have a thread: "Interesting places I've flown to in the past 13 years". I'm sure YMES would be right up there.

Hope it all goes well.

11th Feb 2003, 05:24
Maybe they're doing a little training of the Air Force drivers of the BBJ's or -800 wedgetails?? Just a guess of course.