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7th Feb 2003, 16:26
Just herad of a crash of the 2nd prototype of EMB170, though I can't find any confirmation... Anybodty knows anything?

7th Feb 2003, 17:56
Would you happen to have a source for that rumour? I have searched many the news site, forums, Google etc and haven't found anything.

Would certainly be bad news, if true.


7th Feb 2003, 18:06
Have also searched the web for the last hour, and can not find any reports of incidents involving Embraer 170. Does the rumour even have a location?

7th Feb 2003, 18:18
Are you sure you're not referring to the accident involving the third prototype a while back, when it skidded off the runway and wrecked the undercarriage?

I understand that Embraer only admitted that little mishap after Flight International confronted them - so if this is a new smack, I wouldn't hold my breath for the Brazilians to tell you.

7th Feb 2003, 19:02
Actually, the source of that info happens to be a friend of mine... And since i was unable to find any info in the net, I thought maybe someone from pprune might know


9th Feb 2003, 09:13
22aug02 PP-XJB EMB170-100 170-00003 Embraer
Damaged after running of the runway at Embraer's Gaviao Peixoto facility in Brasil during water ingestion tests.

9th Feb 2003, 14:10
Might as well be... Don't know, but it seems my news were just a rumor (hey, but that's rumor network, isn't it?)


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23rd Jun 2003, 08:32
#6 flight test airlane was at Paris - I heard they were flying in direct mode - IE no computer augmentation at Farnborough - You sure it wasn't the hosed up HONEYWELL PRIMUS EPIC / FLY-By-WIRE AVIONICS INTEGRATION ? I heard a the Paris Airshow that contrary to "Flat Panel display difficulties" - that the whole fly-by-wire system integration is hosed - not suprising, this is a replay from the Boeing 777 AIMS development, only difference here is that now you have the blind - leading the blind - Honeywell & youngster Embraer. No Boeing or AIRBUS to ride in with their vast army's of excellent systems engineers to figure out the bugga-boos.. The latest issue of fFlight said that TACS ( thrust Asymetry Compensaion ) is not ready & is still being developed - flight tested on a 145 for the 170 ... That being said - that little airplane is one ambitious design and manufacturing feat ! Maybe next time Embraer will choose Collins .. Honeywell makes really good thermostats though !