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7th Feb 2003, 14:05

I am trying to trace some of the USAAF cubstrips used during WW2
The exact locations either 6 fig grid ref's or long / lat would be exremely helpful. Alternately can anyone point me in the right direction to find this info.

Regards Martin Burney

Albrighton Staffs. used by US ARMY 196th FA BAT.

Grampound Cornwall used by US ARMY 190th FA GROUP

Barnstaple Devon used by US ARMY 58th Armoured FA BAT.

Bodmin Cornwall used by US ARMY 110th FA BAT.

Frome Somerset used by US ARMY 54th FA BAT.

Horsham Sussex used by US ARMY 113th & 197th FA BAT.

Kidderminster Worcs used by US ARMY Aircraft

Liskeard Cornwall used by US ARMY 29th Infantry Div.

Lynsted Kent used by US ARMY Aircraft

Merthyr Tydfil Mid Glam used by US UNIT

Plymouth Devon used by US ARMY 111th FA BAT.

Poole Dorset used by US ARMY 266th & 551st FA BAT.

Sudbury Derbyshire used by US ARMY

Tenby Dyfed used by US ARMY 2nd Infantry Div.

Trowbridge Wilts used by US ARMY 32nd FA Brigade

Wakefield West Yorks used by 997th FA BAT.

9th Feb 2003, 09:51
I assume you've read "Fighting Grasshoppers"? It is the history of the L4's and L5's in US Army service in WW2. I also gives the locations of some of the former airfields.

Finding some of these strips is going to be hard because very few of them were in use for more than a year and virtually none had any permanent buildings.

Good Luck