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7th Feb 2003, 13:29
Guys, i am from perth and i am flying over for avalon for the day. I will be going for the trade day on tuesday. I arrive in at 0550am and leave that night at 2100.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get from Melbourne to Avalon. (i am 21 in 6 months and therefore to young to hire a car, and boy have i tried :mad: )

If anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to get their please let me know either post here, PM me or email me at [email protected]

Thanks Heaps Guys :D

8th Feb 2003, 12:33
Airport bus from Tullamarine to Melbourne (Flinders Street station) then:


Special rail services will operate from Melbourne and Geelong to Lara station. A shuttle bus service will connect to the air show site.

Hope you enjoy the airshow.

Fred Basset
10th Feb 2003, 11:15
I have found the www.airshow.net.au to be totally useless in the lack of information on how to get there.

http://www.skybus.com.au/info-time.htm will get you from the Airport to Spencer Street. which should take about 20minutes.

It is 48minutes from Melbourne to Lara Station.

Hope that helps, that took me about 20 minutes to find out all that out when the airshow web site could have provided.

10th Feb 2003, 14:00
If anyone is at Mel airport on Wed 12th who wants a ride I am taking a car down there for the day and back to the Airport late in the arvo. Room for 2/3.

PM or email me.