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5th Feb 2003, 22:01
Posted on YSSY board:

I was looking though the submissions on the QF/NZ merger listed on the ACCC website, and the below submission came up. I know nothing about this group. Does anyone here know anything???

They obviously take themselves seriously (hence the submission) and obviously the ACCC treat them seriously enough to publish the submission on their site.

My guess is that it's hush-hush and they didn't expect their submission to be published!


frank Borman
5th Feb 2003, 22:54
Have a suspicion as to who it might be, but I won't mention it here! A few things are not really accurate in the submission.

QF have not formally invited SQ for any stake in QF. The word last year in Singapore, and even now from the incoming replacement for Choong, and still in Singapore is that SQ are not interested in a stake in QF, the fantasy of them investing in QF is in Geoff Dixon's head as it's always been.

The STAR meeting in Shanghai last year mentioned a STAR funded and backed member entering the region following the collapse on AN and the predicted trouble with UAL. This only leaves one carrier in the region with the money and ability to use Australia as an expansion platform, as their own hub has out grown itself. This being SQ.

SQ will not start domestic Oz in their own right, it will be via an equity stake in an incumbent. SQ will however expand internationally out of Australia which has been the plan over the last 10 plus years.

SQ have increased flights to NZ out of Singapore using 777's and there is an 17% expansion occuring in Australia over the next 3 months out of Melbourne and Sydney. The probability is the equity in Virgin followed by the buyout of Freedom which would all but cover Australia domestically, and keep the competition people at bay over the Trans Tasman IF the "proposed" merger of QF/AirNZ occurs.

Anyone with SQ experience on this board will echo the fact that SQ do things their own way, they are not bound by timeframes and what others do. They want to run the show themselves and have maximum say over everything they do, which considering that they will be investing big in the region and on aircraft over the next 2 years, who can blame them?

Yes, QF are proposing a behemeth in the region, who could blame them? they are completely within good business sense to do that, however, be aware that if a gauntlet was to be thrown to SQ and their planned expansion plans were threatened to the extent proposed by an upcoming merger, the Singaporeans will show no mercy in negotiations with John Howards men and no mercy in unleashing a standard of service out of Australia that QF can only dream about. the wind has already been put up Dixon insofar as the "spacebeds" in Raffles class and other subtle and not so subtle schedule changes on the SQ network.

6th Feb 2003, 00:07
have a look at the website

was sumthing in the dominion about a week ago
a 737-800 or sumthing

6th Feb 2003, 03:03
There is also another proposed low cost airline jumping around in the pipelines for New Zealand domestic operations to AKL, WLG, CHC and PMR -


Their selected aircraft is the Boeing 737-800. JumpJet looks to be a 737-300 or -700?

Anti Skid On
6th Feb 2003, 07:41
I wish them both well, but they are sadly doomed. How can they raise the capital for 738's - why not use some the the 752's that would be available for half the price? Even MD90's are lying about and could be had cheaply.

About them both

Jumpjet Airlines Limited website registered to
Nick Kile
P O Box 30031
Lower Hutt, 6315
Phone: (644) 586-0900
Fax..: (644) 939-2680
Email: [email protected] - domain name expires July 2003 - probably before they ever fly!

Jumpairlines.co.nz (not the link given earlier in this thread) is registered to Scott Sinclair
Level 2 Korea House
29 Tory Street
NZ (this site comes up as under construction)

the .com site is registered to Jump Airlines Ltd (BISWATUTRD)
23 Blvd de Montreal
Nice, Nice 06200

which seems odd!

Anyway the latter say they are going to use a 189 seat aircraft to fly between Palmerston North and Christchurch/Wellington and Auckland. I'd like to see their loadings - they'd be able to have a 54" seat pitch!

6th Feb 2003, 18:25
Sounds like JUMP Airlines reborn,Steve M.... proposed low cost could not obtain the finance or goverment approval . so lets call it Jumpjet and try again....
I could be totally wrong, but it appears no coinsidence....