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4th Feb 2003, 19:46
Can anyone remember "Jablo" propellors ? My recollection is that they were invented by a Polish refugee called Jablonsky and were one of the first synthetic composit materials used in aircraft production in the '40s.

I think Rotol acquired the manufacturing rights and these props were fitted to a number of WW2 aircraft including Spitfires.

Anyone remember what they were actually made of, what aircraft they were fitted to and what their advantages were ? Why didn't production continue post war

And finally - which has prompted the question - I saw a lorry with "Jablite Insulation Materials" painted on the back, has this any connection with the old Jablo company?

(I assume another lorry, with "Boulton and Paul windows" is a direct descendant of the famous aeroplane company ?)

(Sitting in the world famous London- ring-car-park, known as the M25, one sees all sorts of mind stimulating cues !!!!!!!!)

Dr Illitout
6th Feb 2003, 09:07
A very vague reply to this one Virgo. I remember my old apprentice master of mine refering to props being made out of "Jabroc" and "Weyroc" some sort of compressed wood and resin substance I think. The "Wayroc" props were made by a firm in Weybridge, hence the name?. Now weather this was the same stuff made under licence or a copy I don't know. At the same time as I was doing my appreticeship I used to go drinking with a guy who was working for a firm called "Airscrew Howden". They were based at Weybridge!. Co-incidence or not, I don't know. This was in the early eightys so the firm may be long gone. Sorry to be so so vague but I hope this may shed a little light on the subject!!!.