View Full Version : North Sea N3 Ditching

Jack S.
4th Feb 2003, 18:36
Noordzee Helicopters operated Dauphin N3 ditched in stormy North Sea today. All 4 occupants saved. Waiting for more news...

Jack S.
5th Feb 2003, 06:18
It seems the helicopter crashed of the coast of Oostende, Belgium while it was hoisting a boat-pilot on board.
A large wave hit the ship and a large amount of the breaking water hit the helicopter and caused a dual flame out.
The pilot succeeded putting the aircraft safely on the water.
All three crewmembers were able to get on board the raft. The boat-pilot drifted of.
Later, a belgian Seaking recovered all 4, who were suffering from hypothermia and took them to a hospital in Brugge.
3 crewmembers suffered from minor back injuries.

I would say job well done for the pilots as I'm sure they did not have a lot of time to respond and I wish them all a speedy recovery.

5th Feb 2003, 14:48
SAR Sea King was in the air 7 minutes after the call came in. Nice detail is that both pilots of the crashed Dauphin were ex-BAF Sea King pilots now working for Noordzee Helikopters. Nice job.
Here is a link to a few pictures of the OONHV. (very slow)http://www.helimo.be/gallery/html/dauphin.html