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Arm out the window
1st Feb 2003, 06:32
Just saw on the news a report of a Russian transport aircraft crash at Baucau, East Timor.
Details were a bit sketchy, but apparently it was a large transport with 6 pob carrying 50 tons of cargo which went down in foggy conditions.
Video of the wreckage showed pieces of the machine scattered around, no chance of survivors unfortunately by the looks.
Low cloud certainly sets in there on the coastal hillside; I don't know what kind of approaches they've got set up there now, probably GPS NPA - there was a Tacan approach in use there a couple of years ago, but I don't know if anything ground-based is up nowadays.

Dog One
1st Feb 2003, 07:25
Only approaches are NDB to either end of the runways

On Reserves
1st Feb 2003, 10:59
I have seen this A/C on the ground in Dili many times when passing through. Presumably the crew were reasonably familiar with the place.

the wizard of auz
2nd Feb 2003, 09:25
I am pretty sure that there is only NDB approaches into Baucau.... I was using it as a alternate a few months ago, but only ever flew into Dili so I could be wrong. Unfortunate for the crew as the hills in that part of the world are a fair bit lower than other parts around the Island.

3rd Feb 2003, 10:53
I recall when I was there about six months ago that charts could be obtained through the RAAFAIS website. I thought there was some form of GPS approach but am maybe mistaken, it was not however included in the Jepp package. I have no idea what charts a Russian crew would use but potentially any available.

I was also very suprised at Baucau by some of the tyre marks I noticed when backtracking. I was in a light twin and am used to seeing two big patches near each touchdown zone with a few little strays. Some I may have caused:O :O

But in Baucau there was touchdown marks near the middle of the runway (length) and beyond, from tyres as wide as my engine cowls... Made me wonder what kind of arrivals they must have there from time to time?

ace from space
3rd Feb 2003, 13:42
Tyre marks in the middle(halfway down) of the runway.......
sounds like the typical Rusky landing.....it's classic demonstration of what not to do; 'Duck under' approach followed by shallow flight path to touchdown zone with excess speed (from ducking) and then the prolonged flare and 'hold off' to get that oh so smooth landing......seen it many times and it's the way they like to operate and not a lot of regard paid to the performance side of things.

Arm out the window
4th Feb 2003, 00:10
err...a few of those could have been me in a Caribou; it pulls up in 1500 ft easily, so sometimes we would land long to clear the runway quickly or just avoid a long taxi on the buffalo-crap covered runway. I think there is fencing now to keep the cattle, goats and Timor ponies off it.
It's 8000 ft long or so, so landing halfway down wasn't really an issue for us, not that people would do it as a matter of course - I'm not suggesting it's not good to have a bit extra space in front of you rather than behind!

4th Feb 2003, 22:59
Arm out the window that may explain a few of them...

How wide are the tyres on a Caribou, some of these were about 60cms I would guess? Possibly even a bit more. They were also followed by some rather long, bouncing type skid marks!

The entire perimeter is now fenced off. I think it's the first time I've seen an aerodrome chart with " bird, animal and pedestrian hazard exists" !!

Sheep Guts
4th Feb 2003, 23:38
I think there has been UN Contracted Freighters going there since the Timor UN action. When I was in DARWIN saw a few large Jet Types back and forth to Timor, prolly went to Baucau aswell as Dilli.

They A300 s and also saw an L1011 and I think even a DC-10 Once, also a 747 from AFX was in too, but I doubt 8000 FT would handle a Classic, maybe empty though.

Here where I am now we have around 8000ft slightly more we regularly have A300-600,L1011,767,757,A310,DC8 and A330, DC10.

Just a thought

Arm out the window
5th Feb 2003, 09:53
The Caribou mains aren't that wide, probably more like about 35cm or so, but with side by side duals on each side.
Good to see they have got it fenced off now!

10th Mar 2003, 05:54
from Australian Transport Safety Bureau preliminary report 10 March 2003 -
"On 31 January 2003 at 0621 UTC (1521 local time), an Ilyushin 76TD, registered RDPL-34141, impacted the ground during an approach to runway 14 at Cakung Airport, Baucau, Timor Leste. The impact site was about 2 km to the north-northwest of the airport. Impact forces and post-impact fire destroyed the aircraft, and the six occupants were fatally injured. "

"Broken stratus cloud was forecast between 800 ft and 2,000 ft above mean sea level, with scattered cumulus and stratocumulus cloud between 2,000 and 20,000 ft. Aerodrome forecasts were not issued for Baucau. The published elevation of Cakung Airport, Baucau, was 1,800 ft above mean sea level."

"Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft overfly the airport twice prior to its impact with the ground. One witness reported that on both occasions, the aircraft appeared to be flying in the direction of runway 14, at about 600 ft above ground level, and was partly obscured by cloud."

"Air traffic services were not available at Baucau at the time of the occurrence. A notice to airman was valid at the time of the occurrence, advising that air traffic control was available only for aircraft conducting United Nations troop rotations at Baucau."

"An instrument approach and landing procedure for the Baucau non-directional beacon was available on request from the Civil Aviation Division, Timor Leste. It is not known whether the crew had that procedure."

"Recommendation 1
The Australian Accredited Representative and advisers recommend that the Government of Timor Leste liaise with United Nations Air Operations to develop and promulgate approved instrument approach and aerodrome charts for Baucau, Timor Leste, as a matter of urgency, to enhance flight safety of aircraft operations into Baucau.

Recommendation 2
The Australian Accredited Representative and advisers recommend that the Government of Timor Leste liaise with Jeppessen Sanderson to ensure that Jeppessen Sanderson is provided with current, approved data for appropriate instrument approach and aerodrome charts for Baucau, Timor Leste, and that charts approved by the Government of Timor Leste are promulgated by Jeppessen Sanderson, to enhance flight safety of aircraft operations into Baucau.

Recommendation 3
The Australian Accredited Representative and advisers recommend that the Government of Timor Leste review the appropriateness of the current provision of Air Traffic Services and facilities to non-United Nations aircraft operations into Baucau, Timor Leste in the interest of enhancing flight safety of aircraft operations into Baucau."