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eastern wiseguy
30th Jan 2003, 22:44
Hi Everyone I am trying to do a little research into my family tree and I have been trying to locate any internet sites/books regarding the role of Naval Aviators(RN) during the first world war.Any of you guys proficient in this field ..or indeed any tips?We have a few old photos of my grandad in his naval uniform and one of him sitting on the tail of an unidentified aircraft in a lake following some sort of run in with the other side /engine failure.Can anyone help? regards

31st Jan 2003, 18:29
Try the Fleet Air Arm Officer's Association of which I am a member. I understand that they have a large library on such matters. Details as follows:

4 St James's Square

Tel:020 7930 7722 Fax:020 7930 7728
e: [email protected]
Website: http//www.fleetairarmoa.org

Also try the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London and the Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset (I know they have Squadron line books going way back).
Don't know their numbers but I'm sure that FAAOA can help.

Hope this is some use.