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30th Jan 2003, 11:27
As so often happens on JetBlast, following on from the News Readers thread......

I've always had a soft (or should that be hard) spot for Isobel Lang from the BBC, but then I love redheads.

The fluffy Irish girl on Sky is pretty fine to, but her voice might do my nut in.....


30th Jan 2003, 11:30
I too would crawl naked through a patch of nettles just to drink Miss Lang's bathwater.

:p :o

Windy Militant
30th Jan 2003, 12:50
I can't remember which newsreader it was, but I will never forget the link when The delectable Isobel was asked ' is it warm and wet with you Isobel' I nearly swallowed the mug I was drinking my tea from!
Helen Young definately makes a grow bag more alluring than most of the Herberts I see trolling around in them!
And whilst maintaining a stiff upper lip at all times I must admit that the bottom one trembles a bit when I think of the Can Can routine that the girls did for Comic Relief year before last. And come to think of it Louise Lear looked rather fetching in this years Rocky Horror show skit.
I think I'll go for a lie down now in a darkened room with a damp copy of Exchange & Mart on my forehead. ;)

30th Jan 2003, 13:25
I'd vote Stateside: Jillian Barberry. Dubious meteorological background but she does the wx on Good Day LA, so just qualifies. Easy on the eye and very funny. Further reading at www.jilliansworld.com

Some say it's never been the same since Ulrika hung up her magnets. Could never see what all the fuss was about...

30th Jan 2003, 13:28
What about Becky Jago - used to do the Anglia region weather. Also used to work the switchboard on The Wright Stuff - now presents Newsround.

Are ex-weather girls eligible????



30th Jan 2003, 15:21
I think her names Becky Manton on Anglia, my god she's gorgeous!!!!

30th Jan 2003, 16:26
Jillian Barberry - that's her name - I had been trying to remember.. What a sharp wit too. I heard her doing a radio phone in once - lot of fun, likes cats as I remember.

In the UK . . . cant think of a weather girl that really takes my attention,. Now newsreaders, thats another matter

30th Jan 2003, 16:48
My favourite weather girl was Laura Greene who used to present on ITV a few years back, she was gorgeous!

Laura 1 (http://geocities.com/currentbunsuk/lauragreene2.jpg)

Laura 2 (http://geocities.com/currentbunsuk/lauragreene.jpg)

30th Jan 2003, 17:10
Becky Mantin,

Anglia Weather


30th Jan 2003, 17:20
Victoria, from nakednews.com (http://www.nakednews.com/newsite/vic_thum_MG/vic5.jpg)

30th Jan 2003, 21:44
My vote goes for Isobel Lang too. Is she still presenting the Wx? Haven't seen her on in ages.

31st Jan 2003, 12:51
Of course, there is Anne Marie Foss who used to present the weather in Norwegian while wearing a bikini on some now defunct cable channel in the UK - the same one that invented the programme Topless Darts

(uhhh so I am told )

31st Jan 2003, 12:59
Ulrika in her younger days at TV-AM

simon brown
31st Jan 2003, 13:20
Shefali Oza.....BBC Midlands today

Capt Homesick
31st Jan 2003, 17:17
I've always had a soft spot for Heather the Weather- aka Heather Reid at BBC Scotland. One of her colleagues also has a great name for the job- Gail!

31st Jan 2003, 19:11
Weather girl...gotta be Cloudier Schiffer surely? :D :D :D

31st Jan 2003, 19:34
Have to go with Becky Jago.

She is on London's Capitol Radio brekkie show alongside Chris Tarrant at the moment too.

Buck Turgidson
31st Jan 2003, 19:45
Nah, you're all wrong - the Irish Sky News weather girl - she gives me a funny feeling in my loins ;)

31st Jan 2003, 21:13
The lovely Femi Oke makes the sun shine for me :D

1st Feb 2003, 08:09
Amazed the lovely Sian Lloyd hasn't been mentioned. What a come to bed voice. Total honey, despite being ginger. And Welsh.

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