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29th Jan 2003, 15:06
Sad to note the passing of Air Marshall Sir Ivor Broom, who died last week.

simon niceguy
29th Jan 2003, 17:07
Sad indeed to see that Sir Ivor has left us.

I met him on several occasions when he was Controller, National Air Traffic Services 1974-77

A charming man. He would always have time to stop and chat to the ‘ordinary’ man on the shop floor.

I was just a lowly, jobbing Air Traffic Controller at West Drayton, but he would make time to talk and ask opinions.

If only we had people like him at the helm today, NATS might not be in the state it is in now.

And a war hero too.

RIP Sir Ivor.

29th Jan 2003, 20:30
Yes, very sad to see Sir Ivor go - a true gent.
The rate at which we are losing WW2 vets is depressing, it was only a couple of days ago that I heard about the passing of Dambuster Ken Brown.

PPRuNe Pop
29th Jan 2003, 20:40
I agree.

I hadn't heard about Ken Brown - he looked almost as though he would go on forever last year. Very sad.

Sir Ivor gave much to aviation. Flying Blenheims and Mosquitos in WW2 with his navigator Tommy Broom - no relation - they became know as the "Flying Brooms" and were inseperable. He was awarded 3 DFC's and the AFC as well as a CBE and KCB.

Then he spent many years at NATS, and Dan Air, where he was the Chairman for many years. Wherever he was and whatever he did he easily made new friends.

Another great aviator who will be sadly missed.

RIP gentlemen.

30th Jan 2003, 13:55
Simon Niceguy,
I beg to differ. You were not a "lowly jobbing ATCO" at West Drayton.
You "stood on the shoulders of giants" and saw a generation of student ATCOs through their operational training for TC.
Well Done!