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26th Jan 2003, 21:19
An odd question I suppose, but...does anyone here have a 5,10, or 15 Thousand Hour pin that they could scan and post here?

Since I'm still on one, I feel no real nostalgia for them (although my first one is going in a museum now:( ). Having said this, I realized the other day that a great many of our pilots have extensive experience on type, but we have no form of recognition for their accomplishment. I enquired with DeHavilland, but they have no more, nor sketches of the original pins.

As I understand them, the pins were the DH Gipsy Moth emblem surmounted on a navy blue circle, with a sky blue band surrounding it, and "X Hours, Twin Otter" on the band. The gypsy moth was plated silver gold or platinum depanding on the hour level.

Truth or fiction?
Just Curious

30th Jan 2003, 15:39
Maybe ask these people?



31st Jan 2003, 14:20
Thanks, but sadly nothing related there. Damned interesting site though, thanks!