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25th Jan 2003, 20:45
Only caught the end of a radio news item late last Friday afternoon.

Reported that a terrier escaped from it's cage and opened a freight door just before the VB aircraft arrived at the terminal, and was running along beside the aircraft. Terrier was caught by a baggage handler and taken into the terminal building.

Can anyone provide any more info ?

25th Jan 2003, 21:27
This report says it happened in Cairns.

Click Here (http://abc.net.au/news/newsitems/s769743.htm)

I'm surprised a door is that easy to open.

Buster Hyman
26th Jan 2003, 00:45
For a second there, I thought you were being a bit hard on the crew!!!

Honestly though, who gives a flying *****...must've been a slow news day! This happens all the time, everywhere, why the press cover trivial things is beyond me.

Ivan Itchibum
26th Jan 2003, 02:16
The Cairns Post ran a front page on the story....went a bit like this:

".......Moe(the dog)'s owner , "who did not want to be identified ,said the dog was in a new, super strong box because he had also escaped on the way down to Sydney."

Beside the text is a large photo of the said pup with its owner titled "Escape artist and owner Steven"

What the......????

26th Jan 2003, 03:44

If your surprised the door is that easy to open,I'm more surprised that a warning light didn't alert the crew that the door had been opened;) :rolleyes: :p .Especially considering they were still taxiing in :eek: .

Sorry to say this on a Sunday but that reporter needs a bullet.

hoss :)

26th Jan 2003, 04:27
What a load of rubbish! There is no way that the forward cargo hold could be opened from the inside by a dog. He probably escaped from his cage inflight (which happens occasionally) and then from the hold when the door was opened by the pit-crew on arrival.
If any door was opened while taxying, it would immediately bring on the associated door warning light and Master Caution, to alert the crew.

26th Jan 2003, 04:43
Snapping hot ducksh*t. An urban legend.

26th Jan 2003, 04:44

I think that although it was badly written by 727, nobody really believes that the dog opened the cargo door. ;) :D

26th Jan 2003, 05:18
Youíre right Buster, it was a slow news day Ö. But like most pax arriving in Cairns, they just canít contain themselves. :D

Ivan , I guess because the caption on the picture did not say whether the owner was on the left or the right, it can be said that he wasnít identified. :D

Hoss, you mean, like this?


Ivan Itchibum
26th Jan 2003, 05:27
Sorry betedete but 727 has got it right.

Cairns Post (25.01.03) Front Page,

"VB spokeswoman Amanda Bolger said yesterday Moe(the dog) who had a history of Houdini like escapes, became curious and began running around the luggage hold."he has jumped up on the cargo door and pushed....the emergency release handle with his paws in flight" she said.

The cargo doors are designed never to open during flight, so Moe had to wait until the aircraft had landed and was taxiing to the aerobridge in Cairns.

"One of the Pilots looked out and said "mate there's a puppy running after us" Ms Bolger said.

One of our ground crew saw the door spring open and the dog leap out and begin trotting along behind the aircraft.

A member of the ground crew caught the dog....yada yada yada...

Hmmmmm!! Wonder who is spinning the story.

(nice one sprocket!)

sniffer dog
26th Jan 2003, 06:51
I'M INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

26th Jan 2003, 07:19
The dog has obviously flown VB before. I watched the bag snatchers at ADL lose a decent sized dog off the back of their trolleys (at speed).

The terrier probably figured it was safer to walk himself in than risk his life in the cage. :rolleyes:

Chimbu chuckles
26th Jan 2003, 10:06
Having lived in Cairns for a few years I can assure you all that the standard of this report is about typical for the local rag...Darwin is about the same.

But as I was assured by VB pilot mates that they employ no dogs I can only suggest the reporter can't tell the difference between a dog and a pussy....but I'd also have to state that after enough beer I struggle too:D


MIss Behaviour
26th Jan 2003, 23:34
Chimbu, if you can't tell the diff between those two things you could seriously get yourself in trouble! :D :D

27th Jan 2003, 01:58
How do you see out the back of a 737 anyway?

27th Jan 2003, 04:05
I found my dog reading this post , Thanks guys!! now he wants to fly Ist Class.

28th Jan 2003, 10:44
Poor pooch was probably just hungry, his owner prolly didn't leave any money for the inflight catering!

I don't think you can get out of a 737 hold either once it's locked, I remember a story of an AN baggage loader that got locked in the hold and he bashed like hell trying to make as much noise as possible, he raised the attention of the FAs who told the pilots who got the door opened to find one very redfaced and s*it scared loader, guess he didn't wanna be as cold as the bags sometimes are !

Eastwest Loco
29th Jan 2003, 12:27
I have cracked number 2 hatch on an F28-4000 to find a very large hound on the inside wagging his tail and waiting expectantly. Grabbed the lead and took him around to he stairs and handed it to his dad as he came down looking very surprised that "Rufus" was unloaded so quicky - just pleased it wasnt a pit bull with attitude problems!

Best all