View Full Version : Embraer ERJ-135 engine run-up mishap (pics)

25th Jan 2003, 12:49
Photos below have now been removed from Jetphotos.net,
most likely at the request of American Airlines.

Here is what happened to an American Eagle Embraer ERJ-135 when it jumped
the chocks at Port Columbus Int'l Airport ,Ohio on the 18th
Jan during an engine run-up:






26th Jan 2003, 02:10
Hands up anyone who doesn't know you will jump the chocks with full power on all engines in a light ie. lo fuel no, load twin with engines mounted 'up' there, it's unlkely the brakes would do any good either, it just skates along on the locked up wheels.

Especially when not pointed away from tall buildings or obstacles.

IMHO anyway.

Ivan Itchibum
26th Jan 2003, 02:25
And what a nice hangar it was too!!!:D

Chimbu chuckles
26th Jan 2003, 05:25
Are we to assume the individual conducting the engine run just sat there after it 'jumped the chocks', with his mouth hanging and eyes wide and did nothing?

Jumping the chocks, if it was indeed chocked, is one (very minor) problem...that the aircraft moved more than 10 or 20 feet beyond that is surprising. That it hit a substantial structure with enough force to do that damage is astounding:eek:


Northern Chique
28th Jan 2003, 17:06
When next you partner asks.... "honey, how was your day?"

Well..... thats the definition of a bad day at work!

30th Jan 2003, 00:25
FO: Clear left?

CPT: Clear left.

Elliot Moose
30th Jan 2003, 04:05
scratch one jungle jet is the final result no matter how you cut it!:eek: