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mike is squared
24th Jan 2003, 05:27
g'day all,

I work in aispace over the top end, high and low frequencies.
Before TCAS, many ATCs were in the habit of calling opposite direction traffic at close levels so pilots wouldn't suddenly see a windscreen full of lights and think "now who the hell was that?"

I've gotten out of this habit for TCAS equipped acft, but I'd like to know if you'd like to know that some one else is out there coming your way 1000ft apart, especially if dodging weather.

stairway to heaven
24th Jan 2003, 06:19
Mike is Squared.
As a pilot of a tcas corporate jet i would like to know about any traffic you can tell us because the tcas is so smart that it thinks for its self , and if IT believes there is no conflict it wont always show up on the screen . And at the speeds we travel even though legal there is not always alot of time . Also i am still finding that there is still a lot of i am not turning my transponder on because big brother is watching.

Hugh Jarse
24th Jan 2003, 07:09
Mike, as a pilot operating in the J curve, generally I've found that most ATCO's in BN Centre will announce any opposite traffic if they consider it appropriate.

However, I can't remember ever hearing it south of YSSY. Not having a shot at those in ML Centre, but perhaps its a cultural thing (ie local influence).

It's good for situational awareness but not essential.

24th Jan 2003, 10:58
I used to provide it routinely to aircraft that will pass within 4000ft but have had so many "Yeah I can see him on TCAS" in the "why did you interupt my cup of coffee" tone that I don't bother anymore unless it is a climb/descent situation where I think a TCAS warning/resolution may occur. I know that some pilots still like it especially in RVSM situations but on the whole I don't bother anymore.