View Full Version : What factors determine job offer?

23rd Jan 2003, 20:08
Ok, I have been going through a significant amount of posts here and I realize that flying for a major airline is a remote dream these days.

But, I ask, what makes a good pilot? What factors determine if you will find a job or not? What about all the pilots that are now flying for all the majors around the world? Didn't they start out just like the rest of us?

Who gets hired? Someone that has a high IQ, knows the CEO of the airline, has alot of flight time or what? Why should we be any different than all the pilots that do get hired?

I'm not sure about this but maybe there are a lot of unsuitable candidates out there that want it bad enough but they are not of "the right stuff". Maybe then it's not surprising that they don't find a job?

I mean if you don't pass a sponsorship that is airline standard and you do the self finance route than maybe you don't realize you just don't got what it takes, both physically, emotionally, and last but not least mentally? Any thoughts!!!


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