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22nd Jan 2003, 15:56
You think you got what is takes?

Do this test:


Cheers :)

Milad Yazdi

High Wing Drifter
22nd Jan 2003, 21:32
That is quite tough given the time constraints. The spatial and diagramatic stuff are trivial, but the numeracy one - it is hard to assimilate all the information and do the sums in the time given (5 mins for 6 questions!!). The verbal section is deceptively hard too :eek:

Or is it just me :rolleyes:

Thanks milad, very insightful.

El Thermidor
23rd Jan 2003, 10:26
Looks like standard reasoning tests, to be honest. The Verbal ones are the ones I find hardest, because they're always so vague. The trick to them is not to assume anything.

The Maths ones here you can use a calculator on - but you have to be able to use a calculator quickly. Not all numerical reasoning tests allow calculators, but the questions will be easier if you can't. Don't try to work it all out - you'll run out of time. Use a bit of loaf and eliminate the ones that are obviously not right, then calculate the rest.

As for the spatial tests, just try to look for patterns or partial patterns. The cubes are easier if you go through checking 2 sides rather than 3, eliminating, and doing it again.

There. No excuse for not passing your sponsorship aptitude tests now...;)

23rd Jan 2003, 13:40
These are the SHL ones, (examples at SHL-direct.com I think). Though they may seem hard at first, once you get in the mindset of what they want I think they are fairly straightforward in respect of the verbal ones.

If you want to give yourself some practice which is harder than is required here, civil service Fast Stream test day may be a good idea to do - apply and you get invited to the testing day on the basis of your qualifications (uni only).

23rd Jan 2003, 14:42
Not very ethical, but employers in other fields could also provide interview experience, lunch and expenses. You might even find a sensible job ;).

23rd Jan 2003, 16:50
Absolutely, but that tiny bit of advice of mine can only help those at university or just graduated in the first place, so I hardly think there will be a rash of more people applying.

It used to be the done thing for pretty much all people at uni to do them anyway. Plus it is all experience, and its not as though many are able to get a job in aviation at the moment.

23rd Jan 2003, 17:12
Whups, my 'ethical' was a throwaway comment which reads more forcefully than I'd intended. Sorry 'bout that!

Am kinda hoping a generation of wannabe's might be tempted into deskjobs, reducing competition for the flight deck. ;) I don't suppose that's very ethical either...

The African Dude
23rd Jan 2003, 17:35
I dunno.. I was expecting more questions for maths and verbal. Maybe that's because of the Uni Mechanical Engineering math exam I just wrote. oh well.

Edit: speaking of which Lucifer whats the story with the civil service Fast Stream day? I've never come across it before. ?

Shame Quantas aren't hiring?! :)



23rd Jan 2003, 17:49
Qantas is hiring at this moment!!!!! So go for it!!!


http://www.ppjn.com/jqantas.html or http://www.qantas.com.au/info/about/employment/pilotsDirectCriteria

23rd Jan 2003, 20:35
I tried out a psychological test out on my Sqn mates once which I found in a Mag called Airline Pilot put out by Air inc.
The result was that 4/5 of us were mentally unstable:p
These psych tests really are a load of rubbish. Why do the airlines place so much importance on them especially in the US?

High Wing Drifter
23rd Jan 2003, 21:11
I dunno.. I was expecting more questions for maths and verbal.
It is only a practice paper, I guess the real thing will require about an hour and a half to complete rather than 20 mins.

El Thermidor
24th Jan 2003, 10:24
Typical reasoning (as opposed to psychometric) tests last about 25 minutes per section. You might have 30 questions to do in that time. Of course, this'll vary slightly depending on ths specific test you're doing.

Doesn't make it any easier, though.

And for the record, quite a few of them are designed so you're not supposed to be able to finish them.:p

24th Jan 2003, 10:44
You might all be horrified to learn that the Quantas practice paper is only marginally more difficult than the old selection process for till operators and saturday kids used by a certain high street retailer.

Where does that leave us on the scale?

High Wing Drifter
24th Jan 2003, 12:33
Those'll be multi-operator 'glass' tills then?


24th Jan 2003, 13:33
C'mon witch, they're not *that* simple!

I worked the tills as a lad (which made me determined to pass my A-levels!). The aptitude test was comical, along the lines of 'circle the biggest of the following numbers'. Expected to get a lollipop when I finished... :rolleyes:

If anyone's having trouble with aptitude tests, there must be books on the market. Several mates did GMATs recently as a prelude to business school. They had large books of sample questions and the practice served them well.

24th Jan 2003, 14:41
Don't mean to steal the thread....but if anyone else has any more links to other aptitudes - particularly pilot ones but not necessarily - pleeeeeez post them. Thanks!

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