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Mad Mick
22nd Jan 2003, 11:17
I have heard Cathay is not taking anymore resumes?
Over abundance?

23rd Jan 2003, 01:59
Probably because Captains are getting their sons into cadetships and the people that have actually done the hard yards are missing out.

Yes I do have a chip on my shoulder about this if anyone asks, and no I haven't applied and been turned down. :mad:

25th Jan 2003, 22:07
Cathay are conducting interviews in Syd in Feb and July this year ?.

the looka
27th Jan 2003, 03:46
Natit, I can't help but think your mixing up cx with qf. All cadets are locals from Hong Kong. Born there anyway. CX cadets save the company money in the long run because they are given less houseing allowance. Just how it is. Not worth getting worked up about. Smoke some more pole in GA till you get the min hours required, then apply like everyone else. You can't win a raffle if you don't buy a ticket.

27th Jan 2003, 20:13
the looka,

2 sons out of 26 on last years qf cadetship.

You are yet again another ill informed person spreading an inaccurate opinion on this wonderfully anonymous board.

I wonder if you fly the numbers as accurately as you post here......

28th Jan 2003, 02:04

Not getting confused mate. That may well be the case but I know for a fact a son of one of the captain's was given a 'priority' over other cadetship candidates. It just annoys me that the famous ol saying 'it's not what you know, it's who' is still well and alive in the aviation industry.

Kinda feel sorry for the guys that do the hard yards only to be turned down because a captain has pulled a few strings for his son. Oh well, that's how it goes I guess :(

28th Jan 2003, 02:16
Of course, none of you would do the same thing to try and help your own family, given half an opportunity later in life …………. All rather pathetic, and no, I don't have any family flying with anyone which is perhaps just as well because of the fleas around the industry :o

28th Jan 2003, 08:50

You mean to tell me that you wouldnt be farked off at the least if you were denied a place on a cadet course just because someone's dad has pulled a few strings and his son got a place instead of you??

Get real mate.

28th Jan 2003, 09:46

I suspect you would fail the stress test, allowing your anger and imagination to take control of your life

28th Jan 2003, 09:59
Little do you know my good man :)

29th Jan 2003, 00:14
Got asked back in '85 at a QF interview if I "knew anyone of note" in the company. Didn't, but also did a CX interview the same month and got asked the same question. Didn't, but got a job with CX, put on hold at QF.
Still seems like a fair question in employing a "known quantity", but may not rest that easily with some.
But hey, that's life, get on with it.:cool:

29th Jan 2003, 06:26
Do you think Aviation is the only industry that poeple can pull a few strings to help others. It happens everywhere. After all we've all been through hard yards, just some are harder then others.

404 Titan
1st Feb 2003, 01:55
Mad Mick

CX are still accepting resumes and are still in the process of conducting interviews. It has been publically announced though by the CEO, DT, that all slots for cockpit crew for 2003 have been filled.

On the topic of CX giving preference to Senior Captains sons or daughters, this may or may not be the case. This happens in every industry that I have worked in. The big difference though with the CX Cadet program and that of QF is that CX pays all of the training costs of the Cadet program where at QF it is self funded by the Cadet or his family. This would suggest that CX would want to make sure they have the right person (more so than QF) because if they don't it could be a very expensive mistake. I am not suggesting for one moment that QF produces an inferior cadet. All I am saying is that the motivation for QF to make sure that all their prospective candidates are the most suitable isn't as strong because it doesn't cost them anything to have failures.

1st Feb 2003, 18:27
To 404 Titan

are you suggesting that sons/daughters of captains are better pilots than someone who is not from an aviation family?

404 Titan
2nd Feb 2003, 02:41

No not at all. Whether some cadets have help from their Mother or Father who is a Captain with the airline to get an interview is irrelevant. They all have to go through the same selection process. I doubt that a candidate’s father or mother can do much more than get them a second interview if they didn’t make the grade the first time round. For some on this forum to suggest that some get in when they didn’t make the grade in the first place is totally bogus.

2nd Feb 2003, 18:06
One thing that's for sure, in HK relations matters!

Forward CofG
13th Feb 2003, 09:01
As Hong Kong has no Airforce or General aviation wouldn't Cathay look more favourably towards sons and daughters of present crew, whether it be captains or f/os?
At least they might have a little bit of an idea of what the job is about and maybe a little passion for aviation.
Most of the local cadets have a least one degree , but couldn't get a job in their preferred profession, so when Cathay offered the job they took.