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beauport potato man
22nd Jan 2003, 11:57
apologies first of all if this is in the incorrect forum.....

I am looking for anyone currently flying for Air2000, or anyone who has recently been for an interview with them.

I'm looking essentially for interview advice.... possible questions... format of the interview... and any other help about the company that those more experienced than me can offer.

I know there have been numerous "interview" threads recently but i'd greatly appreciate any help.

cheers guys


23rd Jan 2003, 12:51
I don't have an answer...I dont know...you thought I did huh????:D

23rd Jan 2003, 17:03
Milad-you are in fact an arse.I believe the best part of you could possibly be found on a curtain in your parents bedroom.
I also have an interview with Air2000 and would appreciate any suggestions as to what to expect. Also wondering when they are receiving delivery of aircraft. Their website suggests 4 757,s(I think) in the near future. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
PS Milad don't bother wasting anyone else's time.

23rd Jan 2003, 18:05
Beauport / Gardner - Check your PM

Milad - you are a childish fool.

23rd Jan 2003, 23:36
Hey guys
You care to fill us in on your experience or what the minimums are they require and how you landed that interview.

24th Jan 2003, 08:25
As luck would have it, I got a PFO this morning from them. It goes on to say that the minimum requirements are:

1500 TT
ATPL (Note, not frozen)

Shame, as I'm only 130 hours short of the TT. Ironicaly, if I go beyond this, I'll exceed the Easy self sponsored TR, if you can get throught to them! You just can't win ;)


24th Jan 2003, 11:19
I have heard diddly squat from Air 2 bob but my mate got the same letter as you Splat, only thing is, he has thousands of hours!

BTW, you can still apply to easy for the type rating slave scheme with over 1500 hours, got that from the horses mouth!

Good luck to everyone trying to get a start in this terrible industry...

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