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21st Jan 2003, 16:36
These photo's were given to me by a family friend who served on the Ark in the sixties.

But, can anybody identify the location, also what is the carrier in the foreground of the first Picture?

Any help will be greatly recieved


Mr G.




22nd Jan 2003, 08:09
Looks like a French flag on the other carrier, which looks like the Arromanches (ex HMS Colossus) to me.

22nd Jan 2003, 10:56
To borrow from another thread, MMMmmm! A real carrier, and real naval aircraft with folding wings and hooks at the back. Those were the days!

You want it when?
26th Jan 2003, 19:24
I've got some 8 x 6 B&W shots dated in 1974 but not a clue how to load them into this forum. Shame as I'm supposed to be IT literate..

1. Bows shot of the Ark Royal with the squadron badges - 609, 824, 849 and 892. Must have been set up as some PR as there are two Phantoms at the pointy end, and Sea Kings and Whirlwinds across the deck in various spots.

2. Single engine (twin prop - curses can't recall the type - Gannet maybe) number 043 taking off on the catapult

3. Westland Whirlwind flying by - number 52

4. Same aircraft type as in 2 but number 042 waiting for the catapult shot to take place

5. 043 presumably landing as the hook is down and smoke is coming out of the tyres. There's a Whirlwind hovering in the background and two Phantoms parked to the side in the blunt end.

I can scan them and send them to someone more web literate than myself if anyone would lke to see them.

26th Jan 2003, 20:35
If you want to put them here, I can assist. The first thing you need to do is send them to a host service. Many ISPs offer this service, it is a simple as setting up an MSN or Yahoo account.

Once the photos are online. right click on the image to get the address. Note or "copy" the address, by looking at "properties".

Reply here and click the "IMG" tag which will prompt you for the address.

Robert is then your uncle: Easy

John Eacott
26th Jan 2003, 23:02

If you e mail the images to me (address in my Profile) I'll host them for you.

28th Jan 2003, 13:43

Come on then where are these pics !!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate your problems with your IT Skills. I am the same !
But if you scan them in to me or Tiger Mate or John Eacott, we will post them.

Mr G.

You want it when?
28th Jan 2003, 21:53
Give me a chance chaps!

I've finally scanned them and will be sending them (six in total) to John tonight, hassle him (sorry John). What the heck I'll send them to yourself Mr Grubby and to Tiger_Mate after all bandwidth is free and BT Broadband deserves a hammering....

Actually Tiger_Mate Robert was my Fathers brother so ain't that a kick in the face :D

Ahh yes 609 is indeed 809 with less booze on board and as for Whirlwind / Wessex well sorry but identification of egg beaters never was my strong suit :p

I hope this works...







30th Jan 2003, 10:32


30th Jan 2003, 11:17
Tiger Mate

Great Pics. Thanks for doing that.

Number 5 won't load. I think you have typed ar5/jpg instead of ar5.jpg

Mr G

30th Jan 2003, 16:18

Thanks for confirming the ident.

No problem with the pics. I won't be able to do it myself, but I have a smart *rse son who can. Don't you just love em ?

I have mailed you my address.

Mr G.

Genghis the Engineer
30th Jan 2003, 19:35
Stunning pictures, thanks for sight of them.

Genghis senior was at Supermarine on the design side on the Scimitar and Attacker, so I always get a buzz from seeing a bit of indirect family history in that way.

Incidentally, there's a service I use at photobox.co.uk that allows you to upload pictures and put them in the public domain or available for restricted access. Duly authorised browsers can order prints, calendars the lot from any pictures they're allowed to view. Nothing in it for you except satisfaction, but I'm willing to bet a LOT of people would happily print one or more of those carrier pictures.


John Eacott
30th Jan 2003, 21:18

If you e mail me the pictures, I'll host them for everyone to see. 3 ft of snow? Try week 17 of bushfire operations!


Thanks for those photos, they're splendid. Ark's Photographic Department, I'll bet, and bring back a few memories, especially 052; a few hours on that cab! The flight deck looks as if it had just been repainted in the first picture.

Wracking my brain cells to remember the story behind the cartoon dragon on 043, under the 'B' Flight logo on the tail. I've just checked my Ark Royal book from the 70-73 commission, and it was originally painted on 042/XL500 (in which I had a memorable night sortie, once...). HRH Prince Charles flew in 042 on exercise "Red Dragon", and the red cartoon dragon on the fin, plus a brass plaque mounted inside the cockpit, commemorated the event. October 1972! Whether XL500 then became 043, or the cartoon was transferred for other reasons, who knows?

I've updated the photo gallery on my company web site this week, lots more pictures of Ark's Phantoms if anyone's interested.

John Eacott
30th Jan 2003, 23:25
Here are S2's shots. And I thought I'd been around too long :cool:










31st Jan 2003, 04:48
Yup, that's a Wessex in this latest batch but the chopper in the earlier picture was, I think, an SH3D, I think we called it a Sea King. ( I could be wrong, it is about 40 years since I worked at Westlands as a lowly clerk.).

You want it when?
31st Jan 2003, 07:54
Thank you for sharing them. Very good - no more of the Ark Royal hiding in my folders, but some good Air to Air colours from the making of the BoB film in 1969 - but that would need a new thread!

31st Jan 2003, 09:40

BoB Air to airs... start that thread!!

Great pics from you chaps.

John Eacott
1st Feb 2003, 22:49
Speechless Two has sent the following photos for everyone to see, plus a description that I'll include after the pics:




"Now I look at these photos closely there are two separate incidents here. If memory serves me correctly the first incident was to "024" when it came back on board with a dangling nosewheel - unfortunately the barrier post obscures the nosewheel in the photo of the aircraft arriving in the barrier. The photos of "024" and "015" at rest shows the horrendous damage that occurred when something as fast and heavy as a Scimitar took the barrier - look at the gaping holes in each fuselage above the roundels. The barrier webbing went several feet into the wing as well although you can't see that here. Looking at the proximity of the "Goofers" area it seems inconceivable now on safety grounds that it was permitted to go up there to watch an emergency landing.

The second incident to "015" was an exact repeat of the "024" incident. Some time later the same thing happened to a third of 803's Squadron's Scimitars, but this time they were prepared. After the second incident someone had fashioned a wooden or metal wedge which would fit behind the nosewheel leg in the undercarriage bay. The nosewheel was once again dangling but the aircraft took an arrester wire rather than the barrier. The pilot kept on full power and full up elevator whilst some brave soul ran in with the wedge and shoved it into the nosewheel bay!! Once he was clear the aircraft settled gently onto its nose and lived to fly another day.

803 was the last frontline squadron to operate the Scimitar and I believe we had 16 of them on board. By the time we arrived back in UK I think that only 8 remained in existence!"

2nd Feb 2003, 17:01
Mr Grubby,
Knowing your penchant for Ark Royal pictures I enclose the following:D :D
http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/pprune/ark2.jpg http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/pprune/ark3.jpg

Of course this may be a different Ark Royal to the one you were thinking about ;) ;)

2nd Feb 2003, 17:13
Got The T shirt.

Sir, you are a gentleman.
Any details, where ? when? etc.

Mr G.

2nd Feb 2003, 18:51
Mr G.

The bombing one was Nov 27 1940 in the Med.
I think the others were all around the same period.

The Piccies are hosted by the website of Damien B

I will scan a few more this week and I have a nice one of what was called Task Force H which was the Ark Royal, Sheffield and Renown.

6th Feb 2003, 01:12
Mr G,

a few more Ark Royals for you !!
All around the same vintage





The aircraft write off were all the Ark Royals!:D

I included the last one just to even the score up a bit !!;) ;)