View Full Version : Guns Drawn On Qantas Flight 525 From Brisbane Yesterday?

21st Jan 2003, 04:11
from Crikey.com.au sealed section 21 Jan 2003
"Imagine being on a plane that is literally about to crank into top gear to take off when the captain suddenly tells you he's heading back to the terminal and then four blokes with guns drawn storm onto the plane and drag two fellows off the plane.
Well, according to one passenger, this is precisely what happened on Qantas flight 525 from Brisbane to Sydney yesterday.
The 11am flight finally landed in Sydney at 3.30pm and the Qantas spinner we called confirmed there was an incident but said any question about guns being drawn was a matter for the Queensland police.
Seems our security forces are going are a bit more excitable these days as Sophie from Qantas reckons the blokes were dragged off the plane merely for being in dispute with each other."

Alpha Charlie Bravo
22nd Jan 2003, 02:32
Hmmm, Sophie from Qantas huh? In other words a gate agent who just happened to be there in the gate lounge when it all happened and really has very little idea herself!

24th Jan 2003, 20:44
A little bit exaggerated...

Two security (APS) guys came on board, no guns were drawn however the APS guys certainly are armed. 5 passengers (combination of males and females) were escorted off.
There was an "altercation" (fisty-cuffs) between these pax, and the crew (as I would) decided to send-em-back.
The whole incident was handled very professionally in my opinion.

(I know as I was a passenger on the flight)