View Full Version : PNG airlines win safety audit reprieve

20th Jan 2003, 16:31
ABC News Online
Tue, Jan 21 2003 12:14 AM AEDT

PNG airlines win safety audit reprieve

Scheduled flights from Papua New Guinea will remain unchanged for the next three months as Australia's peak aviation safety body reissues foreign air operators' certificates to five airlines.

The airlines were in jeopardy of losing their licences after concerns were raised about the country's ability to provide credible safety audits.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says the certificates will be reissued for three months to allow the PNG Government time to implement improvements.

Spokesman Peter Gibson says the move highlights Australia's desire to maintain the highest possible safety standards.

"We've had assurances from the PNG Government that there will be improvements and we're looking forward to seeing those," he said.

"It's certainly a step in making sure that air safety in Australia remains at the high standards that it is currently at and that's not only for Australian airlines but for all international airlines that are flying in this country."