View Full Version : Plane Strikes Gate at La Guardia, Injuring 6

20th Jan 2003, 15:38
Anybody got any pics or news?

20th Jan 2003, 15:49
Six Airport Workers Hurt When Plane Hits Jetway at LaGuardia Airport Terminal
The Associated Press
Published: Jan 19, 2003

NEW YORK (AP) - An airplane struck a passenger jetway at LaGuardia Airport, injuring six airport workers Sunday, authorities said.
The Northwest Airlines Airbus A319 was being moved from a parking area to a gate when it hit the jetway, causing the plane's landing gear to collapse, according to airline spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch.

There were no passengers on the plane or the jetway, the accordian-like tunnel used to connect planes to terminal gates.

A customer service agent on the jetway, three ground employees guiding the aircraft and two mechanics suffered minor injuries, Ebenhoch said. Five were released from a hospital after treatment.

A second Northwest airplane, a Boeing 757, also was damaged in the collision, and both planes were being removed from service, Ebenhoch said. He could not immediately provide details on the damage to the second plane.

Passengers were being rebooked on other flights, Ebenhoch said.

Onan the Clumsy
20th Jan 2003, 16:27
I've seen pics. Looks like one a/c with the nose gear ripped off and slightly wedged under the jetway with the port engine on the ground and the cowling loose.

second a/c has a large (2ft?) gash in the right side below the floor line and you can see the insulation poking out.

tug has the cab crushed and the jetway doesn't look too stable either.

20th Jan 2003, 21:29
The tail is at an angle sorta like this: ""...believe it or not. I'd say 15% off the ground but there's nothing here to show 15%.

The tail is sticking straight up into the air...not a very pleasant sight at all. The other plane it slipped into had a 2 foot hole (just a guess as i couldn't measure it).

BTW, I used the term "slipped" by choice. It's been below 32F and snowing continuously here for 2 weeks, so I see how an accident like this could happen very easily.


20th Jan 2003, 23:50

Continuous Ignition
21st Jan 2003, 07:42
Check out the photos at this link.. Looks rather nasty!

US Aviation website (http://www.usaviation.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=3320&sessionID={E5697020-C9CA-48A2-973B-72392AD7A59C})

And even more pics here! (http://www.airdisaster.com/photos/n312nb/photo.shtml)