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19th Jan 2003, 02:38
PAL had another bummer incident just a few days ago. They entered a runway where a Cebu Pacific DC-9 was on its takeoff roll. This 737 just came in for a landing on RWY06 and was instructed to take the rapid exit 2 to Juliet taxiway. Then the DC 9 was cleared for takeoff on RWY13. Confusion must be reigning inside the 737 cockpit that time 'coz they didn't know R1 from R2 so they just took the first rapid exit they saw all the way to RWY31! That's when they saw each other's landing lights. The tower wasn't able to do anything but watch. It's a good thing the DC9 didn't abort. After rotation, the DC9 immediately steered clear of the intruding 737 thus averting a tragedy.

Kaptin M
20th Jan 2003, 01:14
Do you know whether the Cebu Pacific DC9 and/or the Tower submitted an incident report?
One would assume so.

Where was it by the way? (Reads as Manila, going by the r/w directions you have given).

20th Jan 2003, 15:24
This was in Manila. PAL just got itself neck-deep in the doo-doo it's been wading into lately, what with this latest blunder coming right on the heels of: the Guam powerline incident; an A330 that closed Manila for several minutes by exiting too fast and blowing out several tires; baggage carts getting blown over by pilots applying too much breakaway thrust, all within weeks of each other. And just over a year ago, another PAL A330 crew busted their altitude assignment climbing out of a non-radar airport and set off an R/A on an inbound DC-9.

Ironically, the F/O of the 737 in question lectures and trains other pilots in CRM techniques. Perhaps management thinks F/O (in this case rumored to actually stand for "Flap Operator" in deference to substandard flying skills) will do less harm spending more time in the classroom than on the flightdeck. Will this incident--a classic case of CRM breakdown--find a way into our F/O's future case studies? Only if F/O's backer in senior (as in really senior) management persists in keeping his pet onboard.

About time PAL woke up to the fact that it has been very, very lucky. Only just.

20th Jan 2003, 16:39
not surprised, have been driving on PI freeways where the drivers changed the 2 lane into a 4 lane inc. the emergency lane...

During a traffic jam the Victory Line busses were speeding on the emergency lane past the standing traffic @ at least 60 mph.. :eek:

by far the most dangerous traffic in the Far East in my humble experience...

20th Jan 2003, 23:00
Yep, it happened in Manila. The 737 crew are still grounded as of now. Their management has apologized and have been trying to sweet-talk the DC 9 crew from pulling out their Operational Hazard Report filed with the local ATO. No joy there. Last I heard, they were trying to coerce the tower guys into changing their report to a lesser offense. Kinda incredible, the way they think they can push their weight around here. The F/O's backer must really be working overtime.

21st Jan 2003, 08:43
think it has everything to do with "face"......