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17th Jan 2003, 23:02
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Virgin spreads its Adelaide wings
By Political Reporter LEANNE CRAIG
January 18, 2003

NEW flight services from Adelaide to Darwin, Alice Springs, Kalgoorlie and Cairns are likely to be offered by Virgin Blue this year.

The new services in addition to extra daily flights to Melbourne and Perth are part of an ambitious $5.4 billion plan to win a one-third share of Australia's aviation market.

"This investment means a lot for South Australia we will certainly be increasing our frequency into SA," Virgin Blue spokesman David Huttner said yesterday.

He said that in addition to extra jobs, the flow-on effects would be significant.

"The reality is that every time you add a flight, it creates numerous jobs in the tourism industry," Mr Huttner said.

New aircraft would begin arriving in Australia by the middle of the year, allowing new services to commence.

They are part of Virgin Blue's $5.4 billion deal to buy up to 50 planes from Boeing over the next 10 years.

Since its first Adelaide flight from Brisbane in 2000, Virgin services had grown to include six daily Melbourne flights, five Sydney flights, two Brisbane flights and one daily flight to Perth and the Gold Coast.

A promotion this weekend is offering $33 one-way flights to Melbourne, $66 one-way flights to Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and $99 one-way flights to Perth.

Also yesterday, the State Government announced it would lobby the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to allow the proposed merger of Qantas and Air New Zealand.

Following a meeting with Qantas officials, Premier Mike Rann said the alliance would result in seven direct return flights a week between Auckland and Adelaide.

"New Zealanders have had the biggest impact on Australian tourism over the past 25 years," he said.

"This gives us direct access to the massive number of New Zealand tourists that come across the Tasman each year."

Late last year, Qantas announced it wanted to buy 22.5 per cent of Air NZ to strengthen the global competitiveness of both airlines.

The ACCC is considering whether the move has the potential to result in higher prices or fewer services for customers.

The State Government blamed a lack of inbound international flights for impeding tourism growth in SA.

Direct international services provide a total of 3200 seats to Adelaide each week, compared to 180,000 seats to the eastern capital cities.

Mr Rann also said Qantas was close to finalising design details for the $230 million Adelaide Airport terminal.

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3rd Feb 2003, 00:25
an unreliable source informs me that dj will shortly announce a new adl-drw direct service commencing April 4. Apparently the adelaide media are sprouting this rumour as well, can anyone enlighten us as to the accuracy of these allegations????

3rd Feb 2003, 14:49
...either north or west...