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Red Four
17th Jan 2003, 20:22
I have a postcard dated 10 Sept 1959, of G-AKDT at Great Yarmouth, signed by a Wilbur Wright.

Does anyone know:Did the Wilbur Wright of Kittyhawk fame ever visit Gt Yarmouth?

What year did he die?

PPRuNe Pop
17th Jan 2003, 20:44
Sorry Red Four, Wilbur Wright died in 1912. He was born in April 1867.

Red Four
17th Jan 2003, 21:24
Thanks for the reply, Prune Pop. I guess the card I had was insribed by someone with a sense of humour/history! Guess I wont retire on the proceeds of this one then!:)

Genghis the Engineer
17th Jan 2003, 21:27
But shove it on eBay, there may be some idiot with money who doesn't check their facts.


Lu Zuckerman
17th Jan 2003, 21:39
The youngest son born to Annabel Orong resulting from a liaison between Mr. Wright and Annabel may have signed the post card. His name was Wilbur. Annabel lived in Bogner Regis where she met Mr. Wright while he was on holiday at a Butlings Camp. However the younger Wilbur Wright should have properly signed the card Wilbur Wright–Orong.

Ducking from incoming.


Hew Jampton
17th Jan 2003, 23:08
There was an instructor at White Waltham in the early 70s called Wilbur Wright but I don't know if that was his real first name, I guess most Wrights in aviation are nicknamed Wilbur.

Incidentally, anybody know what happened to him?

Dr Jekyll
18th Jan 2003, 20:46
The point about Wilbur is that not only is he one of a select band of people famous for coming second, but after Buzz Aldrin he is probably the second most famous person ever to be famous for being second.

Red Four
18th Jan 2003, 21:26
Again, thanks for the replies. I knew Pprune would get the answers!

Point taken about any 'Wright' in aviation might be nicknamed 'Wilbur'.