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16th Jan 2003, 19:24
At 1:30am this morning VB have put on sale cheap seats,
eg SYD-MEL $33, MEL-BNE $66, BNE-PER $99 and many
other options for 48hrs, be quick if your interested will not
last long this morning. Mr Dixon will not be a happy man today.


17th Jan 2003, 04:40

thanks to your post, i have just booked a nice little weekend away in launceston( ex syd) for me and the little wife, all it cost for the 2 of us was $264, excellent, and leaving friday morning coming back sunday arvo.

what a great way to boost a little bit of tourism dollar, now i will have to hire a car, get some accomodation and eat out to really make it special.

Ooops, now i forgot, i have to pay for all of it as well...Bugg*r!

thanks for the news

didn't even consider the roo either.

Disco Stu
17th Jan 2003, 05:08
Thanks Wirra

Just arranged BN/ML/BN for the trade days at Avalon for $132 airfare:D

Accomodation will be no problem but the quotes so far for a hirecar ($150+) is more than the flights cost:mad:

regards to Mrs Wirra;)


MIss Behaviour
19th Jan 2003, 01:19
Hey DS, when is Avalon this year btw???

Re the car, what about asking da family ?

Love to GG also. :cool:

PS Wirraway - I note this time that you can buy these cheapies on a return basis instead of the cheaper fare outbound & a regular fare coming back.

Disco Stu
19th Jan 2003, 02:29
MIss B

Trade Days 11 - 13 of Feb, Trade/Public the 14th and Public Air Show 15th & 16th.

Car sorted. :D

Disco Stu

19th Jan 2003, 07:00
Attention Miss B

Note the airfares are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!

When shall we be expecting you young lady http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/boots.gif

Happy new Year btw ;)


19th Jan 2003, 20:15
thanks virgin blue!

$33 to maroochy for atpl systems!!!
all i have to do now is pass!:D

20th Jan 2003, 01:35
DS & GG: Will you be at the Avalon trade days only, or will I see you there on the Saturday?

Kind regards to you both,


Disco Stu
20th Jan 2003, 01:42

Trade days only, my 'leave pass' from GG expires Friday morning:D


Eastwest Loco
20th Jan 2003, 11:18
Takeoff and Disco

Give me a yell on 1800 067207 tomorrow re cars - I have a few excellent Corporate discount numbers with Hertz that may just make them a heap cheaper.

Never know - It cant hurt to check!!

Best regards


Ron Knight
Jetset DPO

(Apologies to Woomera for blatant touting!!):D :D

20th Jan 2003, 11:22
EWL consider yourself reprimanded.;)

Eastwest Loco
20th Jan 2003, 11:48
<------------ Cringes in corner awaiting impact of Woomera's dreaded thacking stick!!!

:eek: :eek:

Ta mate



20th Jan 2003, 12:06
Ahhhh, the good ol' Hertz CDP numbers....those were the days.

I thought I had a good collection when I departed the company, but since lost the list :confused:

Just for interests sake, they do give a good rate to AOPA members too.
EWL's rate would probably be better I'm guessing ;)

From experience it's best to get in there and book one quite early.

Hope all's well at the Jetset Office in DPO Ron :D


geeee, I can't wait for my hiding :p

Eastwest Loco
20th Jan 2003, 12:33
Aaaaaah Go Girl

Nothing like a good thacking to raise ones spirits and get the blood flowing!!! :D :D

I have a particularly good one belongum Surfing Australia (we are the official travel agents for them) which is nice and low and also benefits them with sponsored vehicles for events.

Just emailing Fox Fire - finally got a waitlist cleared for her ex the land of the haggis.

All is well at Jetset DPO thank you GG- in fact Mrs Loco and I are buying out the other partners, but oi vay - the paperwork!!!!

Travel Compensation Fund is putting its paw out for a measly $8800.00 to rubber stamp the transfer of ownership.

I hope you are reading this Glen Wells - I neglected to ask your PPrune nic when you called the other day. :D

Best regards all


20th Jan 2003, 22:02
EWL - please pass on my regards to FF, I'll, hopefully, be heading in the other direction in September for a family Highland wedding! A few headaches to look forward to!

Disco - sorry I'll miss you at Avalon, but I can make it only on Saturday, thanks to this apology for a job!. One consolation is that I'm flying in from YMMB, at least I'll miss the traffic each way.

GG - are you staying home? Regards to Mum!

Kind regards,


20th Jan 2003, 23:04
GG - are you staying home? Regards to Mum!

TNO, yes, and whilst he's gone, mum and I thought we'd do a little shopping http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/ed/idea.gif together.

Should just about make up for those cheap fares with DJ


Hope you and Mrs Night Owl are fighting fit!

Hey EWL, are you still waiting for your thwacking?
Geez, I could die of deprivation in the mean time


Eastwest Loco
21st Jan 2003, 06:24
Night Owl - I am sure FF will be back on line very soon - she is in the air as you read.


A good thacking should only be applied to one who has nurdled in a game of drats and should not be taken lightly.

Thacking between consenting adults can be tolerated providing a suitable Thackmaster has instructed the participants.

I currently hold brown belt in thacking and havent nurdled in over 5 years. Go for the black soon.

Will be in contact. :D :D Make sure you have a suitable thacking stick, a great deal of industrial grade lubricant, 3 ripe mangoes and a ferret (preferably white) and it will be a memorable introduction.

Best all


21st Jan 2003, 06:32
And here was me thinking it was going to be one of the Team Wommera to have their way with me...well I'll be darned :p

EWL you are very very spooky sometimes y'know :eek:


Eastwest Loco
21st Jan 2003, 06:42

Team Woomera are all 4th dan Thackmasters miss and would I am sure provide the necessary training.

Yes - and the dark side of the force can be strong in this one girl.

Thackus Emptor GoGirl.

Be well and accept your fate girl!:eek: :eek: ;)