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16th Jan 2003, 17:40
I am currently investigating the possibility of completing an Australian ATPL, followed by a conversion course to JAA.

The course I am looking into is carried out at the BAE training centre in Adelaide and lasts for approximately 40 weeks.
Total cost looks to be in the region of 28000, as quoted by the marketing department. The centre is used by all the major airlines in OZ, SA, China etc and was previously a provider for BA.

I would then complete a conversion course costing approximately 15000 at Oxford, which lasts approx 24weeks.

Overall, I see this as a good package, taking little longer than a conventional integrated course, at a lower cost and with the added benefit of an additional ATPL on the CV.

What I would like to know is whether anyone else has followed this route, and if so how they found it and whether they thought it had benefited\ or disadvantaged them.

17th Jan 2003, 13:51
G'day Sky
Currently trying the above method.

I think the price of the Oz ATPL is a wee bit low. I was quoted the same price last year,10 months down the line I have spent $32,000 with a minimum of another $3,000 to get my CPL.

For 28K I think you will have been quoted the flying hours price for the CPL add to this landing fees, text books, Lectures (if not self studying), exam fees its goes on and on.

Granted I dont think I went to the cheapest school in Oz but all the allegedly good schools are charging about the same.

For ATPL it appears the only place to go in Oz for the Theory is 'Advance Flight Theory' in Maroochydore approx $2500 for a two week course Then you have each of the Cyber exam sittings after that. 7 of them averaging about $175 each that's if you dont have any fails.

With regards to the conversion I enquired with the CAA in London last week who were about as useful as an Ash Tray on a motorbike, however the cost I think you have been quoted and I stress 'I think' depends on if you have managed to unfreeze youre Oz ATPL

posted this on a thread currently running in the GA Dununder Forum

Medical = ~189 pounds
14 exams ~ 720 pounds for the lot. Resits extra
Theory course ~ 1000-1500 pounds distance learning
Flying Min of 15 hours for the IR. 3-5000 pounds at least.
MCC (you don't have any multi crew time) ~ min of 2000 pounds.
Lic itself ~ 100-200 pounds.

Check out Ryanair and easyJet's "new" schemes of extracting even more money from low houred pilots (and pilots with no multicrew turbine time).

The conversion price sounds about right if you have the unfrozen licence.

As for Adelaide I think you might find the course will take a wee bit longer than they are saying. I came to Oz thinking it was all Fine Weather and lots of sunshine. How wrong I was, I am not flying in South Oz (where I believe the weather can be as bad as the UK) and weather delays are still playing a big part in the length of my course.

I know all the above sounds a bit negative but its not that bad here just don't believe the sales pitch they give you. I have found most schools including the school where I am now basically lied to me about costs and conversions. I have looked at many other schools over here where I may continue my training to another level now that I am armed with a wee bit of knowledge and they are still telling porkies with regards to costs.

As long as you are aware of the costs quoted will be about 20% short of what they say you might even enjoy it here.
A major plus is cost of living
$26 for a tank FULL of petrol (10)
$15 for about 5 of the biggest stakes youve seen
and if the weather is [email protected]<hidden> for flying in Queensland you can spend the day getting burnt on the beach, while you study of course.

Hope this helps. I have found what appears to be a couple of good schools if you want to email me I'll tell you more
Cheers Ice :cool:

Sir Donald
17th Jan 2003, 18:35
All figures approx,AUS license conversion to JAR,
A more realistic IR, depending on previous experience,
15 hrs aircraft,
7hrs sim,
Multi rating conversion and test,approx 2hrs,inc
170 A test, 6000
IR test fee 578
CPL +170A 15 hrs 3000
CPL test fee 578
each partial pass, additional 380
ATPL Distance learning(GOOD SCHOOL)
not one that folds up half way through, 2000
ATPL 14 subjects tests 728
Medical 236
Licence issue 178
Radio operators licence 80
Bla, bla,bla, bla, bla - still interested?
No multi crew time, oh boy, MCC 2000-2500

:confused: :mad: :eek:

17th Jan 2003, 18:56
How on earth do you get the money, at present, i can only just afford to get my multi-license, AT A PUSH!

Anyone got any wonderful ideas?


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