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15th Jan 2003, 20:36
approx 0715 Thursday 16/01/2003 I head there was something happeing at BNE apt. Can anyone provide any more info. AC/FLT number, ....

more information:...
I heard further info ..
Cabin crew used carpet deoderiser (powder) on a smelly fruit stain. This powder is white. Subsequent panic by passengers resulted. Crew called it in..

Did you hear any further?

15th Jan 2003, 21:51
Still more info:

A Virgin flight to Adelaide at Brisbane DOM was being loaded.
The loaders noticed a 'strange' smell.
A parcel was located and a white powder was noticed coming from the parcel, the source of the smell.
The aircraft was isolated.
Apon examination the power turned out to be Bicarb Soda.
Apparently a lady was sending bananas and paw paws interstate and using bicarb to 'suck up' the smell.

She wont be doing that again.

(all info is second hand) Have you heard more accurate info?