View Full Version : viking 161 div to lisbon

14th Jan 2003, 17:14
fat dumb and happy on the way home from tfs today, then heard viking 161 declare an emergency and request divert to lisbon. Apparently had an engine problem and was unable to maintain flight level. assume it was an a330 but SoB.
No great drama, but would be interested to know what the problem was. Assume that the landing was uneventful. cheers

15th Jan 2003, 01:16
I also heard that on Lisbon 128.9 frequency and then on 120.6 where on that frequency the pilot requested to cancel the emergency because the engine was running again, but of course continued to Lisbon, where he landed on runway 03. weather was CAVOK and he requested remote parking and fire brigade.

I`m still trying to find more info, where was he going to and coming from and how did it end. They had 420 paxs. Isn`t that too much for a A330?


Hot Rod
15th Jan 2003, 07:33
It was probably 420 "souls on board" and that includes crew. They take 410 pax on their A330-300.

15th Jan 2003, 10:06
I was the 2nd aircraft to after him. The tower told him that it came some smoke but then it disappeared after landing. They went to normal parking spot followed by fire trucks.:)

15th Jan 2003, 12:51
It was an A330-300 with 405 pax + crew ARN-TFS-ARN, diverted due to suspected engine problems. I heard that one of the Portuguese charter outfits picked up the pax and moved them LIS-TFS-ARN.