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14th Jan 2003, 14:06
To the FO who flies with a garrett powered regional in a southern state. One of my best mates arrived in the city of churches to find employment in GA. You have known this pilot since 1994 and he has shown you nothing but respect and grattitude. For what ever reason someone has filled your head with cr-p and you chose to not only ignore him, but you have actively tried to ruin his aviation future. Both you and I know the whole truth so all I can say is what goes around comes around in the aviation world. Now the Cp's of two major 737 operators in Oz know of you plus every regional operator in South East Asia why oh why???????????
To the rest of the aviation community why do we as professional aviatiors keep puitting up with these people who actively create caos among their bretheren.
To all the rest of you in VB what are we going to do with this new EBA????
1. If we don't sign do we end up on individual contracts
2. What happened to DTA

14th Jan 2003, 22:59

I agree tightcannon, it is amazing the number of people in this industry that obviously feel the need to "put a knife" in your back. Whether it be from petty differences or pure jealosy pilots and related individuals cant help themselves.

In fact it is this single reason that I am beggining to dislike aviation. I have always been there for others, helped them where I could and in most cases put them first, only to be ignored, sledged or knifed in the back. I personally dont feel that I antagonise or deliberately set out to upset anyone, I think it comes down to petty jealosy. I try and get on with everyone, thats just me.

I would like to believe that what goes around comes around. I hope the individual that you speak of learns his or her lesson the hard way..................

14th Jan 2003, 23:49
When will people learn? This industry is one of the smallest I know. Everyone talks, and bad smells move quickly, yet linger for a long time. Golden rule is not to [email protected] in your own nest nor anyone else's. As tightcannon has mentioned the word has been spread, and he/she has made their own bed, let them sleep there a long time.

15th Jan 2003, 00:40
Hahahahahahahaha! The only people beneath the individual in question are you 3, 2 of which apparently have no idea who/what/why. My god, get a hobbie.