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13th Jan 2003, 18:55
Understand that a BA 777 diverted into TER with an engine failure.
Rumours of a poss engine change. BA were quick off the mark and sent out relief aircraft for the pax but will such an incident impact upon ETOPS?

13th Jan 2003, 19:42
The only impact it might have is an extra trip - I am on reserve at the moment and it's a bit quiet.......

14th Jan 2003, 08:43
a mate of a collegue of mine called him around 4 o/c y'day (monday) to say that he was in the Azores on an unscheduled stop on his way home from Antigua. Spoke of engine fire, loads of flames, terrified passengers, all thought they were going to die, etc, etc. Unfortunately, this chap has already been on a fear of flying course to get him on an aeroplane in the first place! think he's going to swim home.

14th Jan 2003, 08:46
Yes its all true.
Engine change being carried out in the Azores.
2x BA 757s dispatched to recover the passengers & baggage.
No other B777s available in LON to cover so 2x75s used instead.:eek:

14th Jan 2003, 09:51
Anyone know the cause of the failure??

14th Jan 2003, 11:16
Who is shipping the engine over? Need a 747 Freighter to carry a Trent. (Suppose AN124 would do the trick too).

14th Jan 2003, 13:02
GE90's I think, not Trents.

14th Jan 2003, 13:06
Probably POLET did the AOG flight, they operated via PMI today with AN124.

14th Jan 2003, 13:39
Bristollre........there is spare 777 capacity around at the mo'......just not in the 2 class "charter" config of 42J/292M (only 3 a/c around in that config). The rest of the LGW a/c are in a 14F/56J/194M config......so sending 2x 757s was prob a sensible decision for once.

The Controlller
14th Jan 2003, 16:27
Ref IIP at TER, looks like it will NOT be an engine change, hopefully will ferry back later today or tomorrow. more technical details later

14th Jan 2003, 22:47
...... if you ever need a AN124 there's always one and sometimes six, ready to roll from SNN ....... the Shannon guys even had the Daddy of them all out there a few weeks ago, the AN225 ..... now there's not many of those around! .......

cheers .....

gas path
14th Jan 2003, 23:02
Aircraft (VIIP) suffered an inflight surge and an engine was shutdown.
The engine was boroscoped, the FADEC was changed along with the VSV actuators and should ferry home sometime Wednesday. I think there are still some high power runs to do.

15th Jan 2003, 05:37

There is just the one isn't it?

15th Jan 2003, 10:09
There is just one An225 Miyra in commerical use, operated by Antonov Design Bureau. Volga Dnepr have an EU Mx base in SNN thats why you see them there.
Otherwise SNN often used as a tech stop for heavy USA/Canada flights with these beasts ex-Central Europe.
The other people, POLET also pass thru from time to time enroute to North America.

15th Jan 2003, 11:23
waz it a Trent or GE????

gas path
15th Jan 2003, 11:33
Twas a GE90-85b.

15th Jan 2003, 12:34
Gas Path

Any big deal, or just some internal broken bits and a little flame out the tail pipe to fixate the sleepy passengers?

gas path
15th Jan 2003, 23:40

I believe the cause of the failure was one of the VSV actuators had a feedback LVDT fail, the FADEC then decided all by itself ;) to close the stator vanes (bearing in mind this was a couple of hours into the cruise!), the engine didn't like this much, coughed a couple of times and ran down, it was subsequently shut down and the a/c diverted.
The wiring looms and indeed the LVDTs have given trouble in the past.

16th Jan 2003, 22:18
IIP supposed to have got back to LGW late yesterday afternoon

17th Jan 2003, 21:39
Think you got the engine type wrong. BA have three types of engines on their B777's. 3 ac with GE90-76B G-ZZZA, B and C. The GE90-90B on G-VIIA etc and Trent 895 on G-YMMA etc.

Human Factor
17th Jan 2003, 23:37
G-VIIA, etc are GE90-85B. Would rather have the Trent.

18th Jan 2003, 01:21

Funnily enough the Trent (dont know about the PW) is a smaller profile than the RB211, CF6 and JT9.

The main reason is that on the 3 Original "Big Fans" they were shipped with the fan installed ( could be removed but major hassle!)
The Trent is very easy to remove the engine minus Fan in fact the Fan can remain on the wing.
The core engine is a very much smaller profile as the fan is the major size restraint.

L1011F will carry an RB211(inside that is) :) :)

18th Jan 2003, 14:33
The Engineers sent out did an excellent job.........Conditions were reported as "difficult" . Aircraft in the open (no hangars for a 777) with wind speed of 40 knots plus, with constant rain. 2-3" standing water on the apron..........ideal conditions for boroscoping and component changes !

19th Jan 2003, 14:36
Am I correct in saying that the only reason BA ordered the 777 with GE engines, was something to do with the purchase of a certain maintainence facility by GE.

Stick with RR!

19th Jan 2003, 14:49
Got the T shirt............The L1011 could ferry a spare engine under the right wing also.
Cheers Scan

23rd Jan 2003, 22:37
Slightly off topic, but could somebody please tell me which routes these high density 772s do for BA and what are the other 3 in the config in the fleet?What do they do when 1 goes tech at LGW?Bump pax on VS or use a 3 class ship?

24th Jan 2003, 09:15
Whilst 'IIP was on holiday in the Azores I operated a LGW-ATL with a fairly light pax load. We had a last minute request for 30 extra meals as we were being given pax from the MCO. This was because a LHR based 777 in three class config had been substituted and there were now too few seats. Other pax were sent to LHR and traveled via MIA.

The high density routes from LGW are ANU (my next trip) KIN,MCO,TPA,BGI. The daily ANU operates alternate shuttles to TAB,UVF & GND.