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13th Jan 2003, 15:29
"Police have stressed they believe the theft has no security implications for Heathrow Airport."


From the BBC:

Monday, 13 January, 2003, 12:04 GMT
Computer chips heist at depot

Police say there are no security issues for Heathrow

Computer chips worth an estimated £6.2m were stolen from a van near Heathrow Airport on Sunday.
Scotland Yard said the Pentium IV chips were inside an American Airlines van which was taken when the driver left it unattended for a few moments.

Around £1.5m worth of the chips were later recovered when the vehicle was found abandoned behind a row of shops in nearby Feltham, west London.

Police have stressed they believe the theft has no security implications for Heathrow Airport.

CCTV footage

The chips were taken before 1115 GMT on Sunday, while the van was at the Haslemere trading estate in Hounslow.

Police think two men stole the vehicle and its valuable contents.

A Scotland Yard statement said: "Police are actively seeking the two suspects, and have traced a white Renault van that they may have escaped in, abandoned in Feltham."

Officers have spoken to the van's original driver and are looking at CCTV footage for further clues.

They do not know whether the theft was opportunistic, or if the thieves had access to security passes.

It is thought that the chips were en route from Miami to an as yet unknown destination.

There have been no arrests.


13th Jan 2003, 16:04
Your ill chosen headline implies that LHR security was at fault.

The van was stolen from the Haslemere Trading Estate which is most definitely not LHR or any part of LHR.

Wouldn't have made such a sensational heading though would it?

Do you work for The National Enquirer?

13th Jan 2003, 16:16
Yeah, you're right, I should have called it "Another Huge Hounslow Heist". A £6.2m theft of air cargo is probably nothing unusual for the area I suppose...

13th Jan 2003, 16:33
Airbubba, just donít park your car in the area while you nip into the shops.;)

13th Jan 2003, 16:40
Your implication was that LHR, having recently had two large robberies airside, had just had another one.

The story is newsworthy and Hounslow is a dump where anything not screwed down will walk but I object to the mischievous implication in your thread title.

13th Jan 2003, 16:49
This item is newsworthy, but only if you are unfortunate enough to live in Hounslow.

It has no place on PPRuNe.

With any luck, Hounslow itself is not screwed down and will one day disappear.

13th Jan 2003, 22:44
And do you know, the Gas Board said that it has absolutely nothing to do with us. Esther Rantzen is right on to it.
Nothing wrong with Hounslow .....can get a bloody good Curry there. Now if I can just find my car.... it was here a minute ago.... outside the takeaway, just there where the one with no wheeels was.....wait a minute.......