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You want it when?
13th Jan 2003, 13:09
Following on from the Control Tower thread - I'm trying to recall the name of an airfield near Fochabers (Scotland), it would have to be somewhere that kids could get to from the village. It probably would have been a satelite field for Lossimouth, and have been deserted and derelict in the early 70's. We used to play in the old control tower.

Anyone got any ideas? I know someone posted a weblink for old airports a while ago - if it could be re-posted then I could take my search there.

Thank you.

Grob Driver
13th Jan 2003, 13:32
I cant help you with names, but if you think you might recognise the name if you saw it, you could have a look at http://www.controltowers.co.uk/ Just go through the lists A-Z looking out for ones in Scotlandů You never know. One might just catch your eye!

Hope this is of some help.

Grob Driver

13th Jan 2003, 13:37
Could it be Milltown? It was a Lossie satellite, about three miles SE, used by Coastal Command during WW2, and transferred to the Royal Navy in '46 as HMS Fulmar II. It closed in the 1970s.

Spiney Norman
13th Jan 2003, 14:08
Milltown is a definate possibility, or Dallachy, which is 2nm N of Fochabers on the B9104. The tower at Dallachy was definately still standing in the 1980's and had '23' painted on it for the runway in use! The other directions were painted on boards and would have been slotted over it. The railway line runs along the northern boundary of the airfield and there were two asphalt runways. Milltown has the Innes canal running on the North and east sides and had three hard runways. It's a much bigger site all together and has spectacle type hard standings on the East side of the field. Ring any bells?


You want it when?
13th Jan 2003, 15:22
Wow, service indeed, thankyou fellow Proonners. Looking at the pictures of Dallachy rings a quiet bell. It was however about 30 years ago, and the MOD does tend to build these things to the same plan.

The clincher would be the 2 miles - about right for eight / nine year olds on Chippers.

Much obliged :D

19th Jan 2003, 22:26
Did some of my driving 'lessons' (aka nutting about in someone else's car minus a licence) on the remains of the runways at Dallachy - spooky place late at night I can tell you! Tower was still there last time I visited, 1997/8 I think.