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10th Sep 2001, 19:59
A colleague of mine was booked on the 09.50 flight from Stansted to Glasgow last Friday (7th September).

He checked in as normal and waited for the flight to be called. Announcements that the flight would be delayed were made but no reasons were given. 40 minutes after the flight was due to leave he went to the desk and was told that there was a problem with one of the doors on the aircraft. GO staff wanted 16 volunteers to stay behind before the flight could take off.

As time went by, and businessmen realised that they couldn't make their various meetings, the magical number was reached and the flight took off 3 and a half hours late.

I can understand the safety aspect of this request but cannot understand GO's cavalier attitude that unless you drop out the plane won't go!!

As far as I am aware, no offers of compensation were made to anyone who missed this flight, nor was a replacement aircraft considered. It was a case of NO GO unless you GO.

The Guvnor
10th Sep 2001, 21:16
Not quite sure how they get the following equation:

1) Problem with doors.
2) Remove 16 pax.
3) Door problem fixed.

You're not saying that Go crams them in so tightly it's like one of those Japanese underground trains where the staff have to force them in with sticks, are you? :eek: :eek: :eek: !

Flyin' High
10th Sep 2001, 21:20
It must have been a problem with the emergency slide.... Is it not true that with 1 slide u/s the a/c can still fly but with reduced capacity??

Whiskey Zulu
10th Sep 2001, 21:20
An a/c can depart with one of it's doors u/s provided the pax numbers do not exceed a certain amount, as detailed in the Ops manual. Pax must be re-seated away from the inop exit and advised accordingly. Case solved, Guv?

10th Sep 2001, 21:35
New name on tail "DON'T GO"

10th Sep 2001, 23:59
With an emergency slide u/s, the aircraft can depart with a suitable reduction in pax numbers - the reduction varies according to type. Should be covered in the MEL.

The Guvnor
11th Sep 2001, 10:38
fmgs - first, I was under the impression that the JARs had knocked that on the head - remember the outcry on here over one of the Air Transat A330 slides not working?; and secondly, I couldn't resist the Japanese comment (tied in with the other threads about lack of legroom etc...) Apologies if my humour sailed over your head... :D :rolleyes: :D

11th Sep 2001, 11:59
Thank's to all for the responses.

I can uderstand that the aircraft evacuation tests are calculated with all doors functioning, so I can understand the theory that with one door less you can't evecuate the full compliment within the given time, hence the reduction of pax.

What amazed me was the attiude of GO staff in saying that unless they got 16 volunteers to stay behind the aircraft was GOing nowhere!

Augustus Finknottle
11th Sep 2001, 12:14
Sorry Guv...... we don't buy that "I was joking" pony. You simply don't know what you're talking about - simple as that.

You really are an arse.

Cheers, Gussy. :rolleyes:

11th Sep 2001, 12:14
Oh well recovered Guv!!

now - next lesson, the "nose" is the bit at the front.

Jeez :rolleyes:

11th Sep 2001, 12:51
Hey Gussy,

You need to come down from your ivory tower and get a reality check. Some of your responses to posts are so arrogant and offensive to your professional colleagues ( check BA/FR/EZY thread )i think it may just be you who is the arse this time!!


Whiskey Zulu
11th Sep 2001, 13:03
Evanelpus, the aircraft evac tests are undertaken using only HALF the total exits available .

11th Sep 2001, 13:27
Thanks Whiskey Zulu, I stand corrected.

Notso Fantastic
11th Sep 2001, 14:03
A Finknottle.....how are we going to get this donkey's *ss out of our hair? An instant expert of everything in aviation, and knowing so little? In truth....a complete, underfunded and the most frightening thing of all, ignorant without being aware of his ignorance true all round fool! So bad- he actually appears likeable sometimes (but not often). With 3000 posts approaching, why he no go off start his own Network?

Augustus Finknottle
11th Sep 2001, 14:41
Nice Beaver I have no intention of getting into a discussion with a spotty faced wannabee. I would however point out that The Guvnor is not a professional pilot, has professed his contempt for pilots on numerous occasions, and spouts off at every opportunity (2,500+ posts !!!!). On this occasion his buIIshItting has caught him out.

Right, Im off to earn my living flying an aeroplane - unlike the Guvnor (or you, for that matter).

Cheers, Gussy.