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11th Jan 2003, 02:42
After disembarking last night the F/O and me proceeded to the terminal. On entering the door, which we held open for the "safety officer" or whatever their correct name are these days. He then asked to see my ASIC card and said he was carrying out a random audit. This took a good part of five minutes of note taking I guess.

No problems with any of that but, I have been operating from this airport for 13 yrs, I see this same bloke most days I am at work. He watched me disembark and followed me into the terminal, he obviously new were I had come from. To me this seems another ridiculous waste of time dreamt up by some body that has no idea what is going on airside at the airport.

Surely if I was going to be a threat I would have already accomplished my goal before proceeding back in side the terminal. Surely if they are going to randomly check people, which is a good idea, they check people prior to flying half way across the country not on completion.
What can be achieved by checking pilots at the end of a flight?
Am I missing something here or is this as I see it a complete waste of time.

Thanks Nig

Hugh Jarse
11th Jan 2003, 06:59
whenever I go through a door at an airport that requires a swipe or smart card (like T2 YSSY), I don't let anyone through behind me or my crew unless they are displaying an ASIC.

There's a lot of work going on around here in YSSY at the 'mo, and occasionally people try to follow me through secured doors. They probably have a legitimate reason to come through (contractors) or are too lazy to use their own card. But there could be some idiot trying to have a go. I don't know them from Jack Schitt.

Tough titties for them. If they need access they can ring security to let them through AFAIAC.

compressor stall
11th Jan 2003, 07:15
He then asked to see my ATSIC card

You entering politics? hope you have been involved in some alleged questionable business dealings, although some alleged questionable treatment of the opposite sex seems you win you top seat....

Seriously though, how hard is an ASIC card to forge, and what about say an airport specific one when used at another airport and wont open any doors. How do the uniformed know that the card you have is real?


11th Jan 2003, 07:30
these safety jocks, and other security dudes would be far better spending their time focusing on "real" breaches of security rather than the petty incidents we all hear of. i have even heard of an aps guy having to put his gun through for screening by group 4!!!!????

it seems that asics mean nothing these days, you have to get a federal clearance to have one, yet you get treated like any other idiot when you are wearing one around your neck.

security needs to look at the bigger picture a bit more i feel....

Screw Jac
11th Jan 2003, 08:14
If security is so important in order to preserve our way of life and we are supposed to be

"Alert but not Alarmed"

please explain to me why the jokers screening people belong to a private firm?

further more i too have operated from the same airport for years....Regularly I've been stopped by the flashing lights and armed dougnut eating wannabe asking for my name and company and where the flight originated. I might add is the same place as the point of termination....Makes you wonder just how well they "take the usual details" when in the space of five hours the aircraft which has sat on the same strip of bitumen for six months isnt known by the armed wannabes......

And I so advise :D

No Further Requirements
11th Jan 2003, 10:04
Hello RENURPP. Interesting topic.

I have heard a story that the RAAF ATC guys, driving a RAAF plated vehicle on the airfield with RAAF uniforms and RAAF IDs got pulled over by APS and got in a spot of bother because they didn't have airside IDs. How dare they drive on their own airfield!



PS. RENURPP, any suggestions/gripes about ATC at the moment? I am heading off soon and there aren't too many pepole at Darwin who use this forum to its full potential, ie, informal liason with customers. No low blows, just genuine suggestions please. I know you always have something interesting to say! (and not that RAAF ATC should sod off - it's not going to happen overnight!).:D

11th Jan 2003, 11:40
As posted by Screw Jac:
......Regularly I've been stopped by the flashing lights and armed dougnut eating wannabe asking for my name and company.......

I brought this very same topic up around 4-5 months ago about the very same staff AT THE VERY SAME AIRPORT and got flamed back into my hole by some people here who believed I antagonised the guard.

Funny how it isn't just me......... :confused:

SJ, I'll give you a buzz sometime tomorrow. :D

11th Jan 2003, 12:03
I understand what you are saying.

1 He was entering the building not leaving.
2 He had a security "ASIC" card attached!!!

My point was for those who did not under stand. Why ask some one who has just landed and dissembrked a parked and terminating aircraft instead of a departing one???

I have had no problems at all recently.
I hope you mean you are off on holidays, not5 permanent??

No Further Requirements
13th Jan 2003, 12:01
RENURPP - check your private messages.

Short answer - yep, I'm outta here for good.


NFR (Darwin).

Tool Time Two
13th Jan 2003, 15:25
Perhaps CASA, or whoever runs ATPL exams these days, should include one on English grammar and spelling. :cool:

13th Jan 2003, 21:32
I personally couldn't give a rats arse about spelling and grammar on a forum like this.
If thats your "thing" good luck to you I guess.