View Full Version : Aircraft off the runway at East Midlands 9/1/03

9th Jan 2003, 05:40
BBC reporting that an A300 cargo plane came off the runway at East Midland last night. Anyone got the facts???

almost professional
9th Jan 2003, 07:08
bbc also reporting that ops are normal-my guess is that the A300 put its nose wheel off the taxyway, probably at W1 or A10, will know more when neighbour gets home from the night duty!

As I guessed-nosewheel off the taxyway west of A1-awaiting recovery, ops normal including the Cathay B747 freighter!

Cee of Gee
9th Jan 2003, 08:36
Arrived into EMA just after it happened.
View from the taxi in and out, appears to have stuck left main gear on the grass.
One of the maroon and grey variety.
Cargo ramp VERY slippery!

In trim
10th Jan 2003, 09:53
A300 full of parcels......looks like he tried to exit just a bit too fast rather than roll to the end. Seems it took him beyond the taxiway centreline and in a nice little arc off onto the grass.

No major excitement, and could have been cleared quickly, but it wasn't blocking the runway and operators wanted to have a good look at it before it was pulled out at lunchtime.

Localiser Green
11th Jan 2003, 12:04
Anyone see the BBC news article on this "Aircraft slid off the end of the runway"

And the "East Midlands today" report which showed the left gear stuck in the mud, and ended with the reporter stating "No injuries, but it does point to the significant dangers of air travel" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

almost professional
11th Jan 2003, 12:51
yes localiser green I did and was incensed-was going to complain but waited till the evening report when the commment was not repeated-not suprised though, the BBC in the east midlands has a real downer on air travel in general and EMA in particular, you should see the prominence they give the local protest groups and as for balanced reporting!