View Full Version : Qf31 Sydlhr 07jan

9th Jan 2003, 03:40
Had a call from my son 1000 today having just arrived at LHR - some 11 hours late due to weather. He said that they were 15 minutes from touchdown when snow caused closure of LHR. Went to the hold for "a couple of hours" but then were fuel diverted to MAN.
Then the best part - they sat on the a/c for FIVE hours, because they were told, BA didn't have the staff to handle the pax. He said that the cabin crew (who were excellent) even volunteered to do the ground handling to no avail. Finally offloaded when it became clear that any LHR slot available would be a long time coming, plus he said there was some problem getting refuelled.

They then were bussed MANLHR (another four hours) finally arriving there at midnight. Last I heard they were being accommodated o/n at hotels.

Seems then that QF32 LHRSYD 08JAN is still physically at MAN.