View Full Version : worst explanations for B1900 crash 8/1

8th Jan 2003, 14:51
here's the media's speculation on why the Air midwest B1900 crashed.
1. the bags in the back of the airplane slipped aft causing the plane to pitch dramatically up
2. catastrophic rudder failure
3. terrorism
4. pilot trying to reland the airplane
5. wing tip vortices caused the airplane to pitch upside down
6. icing
7. strong winds
8. birdstrike

8th Jan 2003, 21:42
does it really surprise you?? I'm surprised they didn't call it a Boeing 1900 or something of the sort. The slack jaw yokel on the tellie didn't help either. All USAirways needs right now too. :(

8th Jan 2003, 22:56
there was an even better one... somebody may have gotten up from their seat and caused the CG to shift so aft that the aircraft pitched up and because there weren't the computers that were available on a/c like a 747 to compensate for the CG change.
sometimes silence is golden

one dollar short
11th Jan 2003, 00:54
There is probably a simmilar thread or comment on what im about to say, but heck,

after that loony tried to open a qantas cabin door last week, the west australian had some ludicrous quote from one of our brighter humans "I cant beleve that they can open the door like that when were on the plane, its not very safe".................... maybe we should paint the emergency exits on, that would be safe..........

fair enough people say stuff like that, but why do they print stuff like that ?

Kaptin M
11th Jan 2003, 01:55
Saw/heard a classic on BBC TV a couple of days back, wrt the Turkish CRJ - "This crash appears to have been the result of natural causes".
The "natural causes" being a reported heavy fog!

Anyway, I guess we are all too aware that the FINAL finding in ANY crash investigation, will ALWAYS be "human error"!!

Ray Dar
11th Jan 2003, 08:00
Hey Kaptin,

Only a small one, I thought the Turkish prang was an RJ 100 as in the four engined type, not a CRJ..............I could be wrong !

11th Jan 2003, 09:54
Hey Kaptin M that's if they can be bothered with coming up with a "finding" after the media has worked over everything from UFO's to Terrorists.

A mate's son was killed in a light a/c a few years back he says the "ATSB were so slack they couldn't even be bothered coming up with a finding"

Just swept it away as in the "to hard basket" just a lightaicraft that came down from 1000', says a lot about investigations by the ATSB. Wouldn't know an a/c if it bit them.