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7th Jan 2003, 20:02
Japan sues no-show airline

The Courier Mail

THE Japanese Government is suing a Queensland air lease firm for $US7 million ($12.25 million) after its jumbo plane failed to show for a James Bond-style mission to spirit alleged terrorists out of Jordan.

The Coolangatta-based Global Air Leasing was to provide its Boeing 747-SP to fly to Japan members of the Red Army who were allegedly involved in the massacre of 26 people at Tel Aviv airport in the 1970s.

The Japanese Government filed its claim in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Global Air Leasing bought the 20-year-old Boeing 747 from Air China in March 2000 but it lacked an Australian airworthiness certificate and was grounded.

Documents lodged with the court show Global Air Leasing, headed by failed Oz Airlines chief Luke Butler, signed an agreement with the National Police Agency of Japan on March 8, 2000, for the bizarre 007-style mission.

In its statement of claim, the Japanese Government says the arrangement was for the leased jet to fly police officers and members of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office "to meet and collect certain other personnel in the Middle East and return them to Japan". The agreement was for the transportation of up to 60 passengers.

The aircraft was to leave either from Narita Airport in Tokyo or Okinawa with a flight plan that would take it to Cairo and then on to Amman in Jordan.

Papers show the Japanese Government had paid $US1.2 million on signing the agreement.

Papers also show the Japan Government telegraphically transferred $US6 million to Global Air Leasing to complete the transaction.

Two days later, according to the statement of claim, Japanese authorities instructed the charter operator it needed the aircraft in Okinawa by noon on March 15.

But on the day the charter was due, Global Air notified Japanese authorities that airworthiness inspections were not completed.

The plane eventually passed the remaining inspection items but not in time to arrive in Japan as scheduled. The Japanese Government says it was forced to lease an Aeroflot plane for the delicate mission to extract its dissident citizens from Jordan.

Japan had negotiated unsuccessfully for years for the return of its citizens, including Kozo Okamoto who masterminded the Tel Aviv's Lod airport massacre.

Four Red Army operatives: Mariko Yamamoto, the only woman, Masao Adachi, 60, Kazuo Tohira, 47, and Haruo Wako, 51, were returned to Japan.

Court documents show that Global Air Leasing will argue the intended use of the aircraft was unlawful and prejudicial to the administration of justice "because its purpose was to extract persons without lawful process".

Outside court yesterday Martin Daubney, SC, said the Japanese Government was seeking the return of its $US1.2 million charter fee, the repayment of its $US6 million security bond and interest.

After a brief court hearing yesterday, at which Global Air indicated its intention to contest, Supreme Court Justice John Muir agreed to place the bizarre legal battle on the commercial list. What was expected to be a five-day trial will be listed for hearing at a date to be fixed.

chimbu warrior
7th Jan 2003, 21:54
Seems a little ironic that Global accepted the charter (yeah.....sure we can do it.........no we don't care about who we carry or why), but now that they are being sued, have taken the moral high ground by saying it was an illegal activity.
Last I heard, the aircraft was sitting in Jakarta after a spell operating for the Comores government (who chucked in a Comores AOC), but the maintenance organisation in Jakarta were waiting to be paid.

7th Jan 2003, 22:48
You just have to laugh :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

compressor stall
8th Jan 2003, 07:03
Has somebody informed Blackadder?:D

8th Jan 2003, 08:03
Blackadder will not answer his mobile unfortunately.

Seems our Mr Buttler has continued making suckers of more unsuspecting victims. Will he ever be stopped?

Have a nice day

9th Jan 2003, 01:23
Did someone mention bad smells.

I nearly choked on my weeties and almost fell off my chair.

Maybe, just maybe we will be done with this ....

crocodile redundee
12th Jan 2003, 07:00
maybe flukey lukey will finally end up in a japanese prison where he deserves to be. love to see that 747sp get oz certification though it would be a great freighter for the network.

Seaman Staines
26th Apr 2005, 00:27
It's alleged that the Japanese never got paid.
Does anyone know for sure?

Afra Airlines Ghana

Buster Hyman
26th Apr 2005, 02:17
"Not the Craw, THE CRAW!"