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cockney barra
7th Jan 2003, 11:39
I have heard the name Bae around quite a bit, please could somebody give me there contact details, do they do integrated courses and are they any good?


7th Jan 2003, 11:57
They are the company now known as BAe Systems, previously British Aerospace. You may have heard of them.

They used to run a major school at Prestwick, Scotland. A few years ago, they moved the school to Jerez, Spain. They are, if not the largest, arguably the highest-profile school active in the UK market (please, all you Cabair, OAT, CTC fans and employees, that's not a cue for an argument!). They only offer integrated courses at present, as far as I know.

I don't have their web address. I'm sure someone will post it here soon, but it would be a very useful exercise for you to do two searches: one here on Pprune Wannabes, and one on the web. Getting familiar with the process of searching on the internet will stand you in very good stead when you start the long, long search for a job.

Virgin/Wannabes Moderator
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7th Jan 2003, 12:35

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