View Full Version : Ex AN Guys in Air Macau?

5th Jan 2003, 17:19
Heard an Aussie in an Air Macau recently I understood that AM was almost a closed shop, Portugese only.

Have they been recruiting ex AN guys on the A320?

luna landing
5th Jan 2003, 17:29
I know an Aussie guy who got a job there a few years ago on the A320 - wasn't ever in an airline in Australia though. He worked in New Guinea for a while. I'll see what I can find out.

5th Jan 2003, 21:53
Air Macau is certainly not a closed shop. Nationalities abound, though only one exAussie.

Because of this broad spectrum of pilots, their check and training and SOPs are quite evolved, especially by Ansett standards( onya TJ ). They have the most detailed FCOM I have seen.

The package is very good by world standards. The hiccup for some is a $US 26k bond. Two years if type endorsed and 4 years if not. Though due the market type endorsed a preference.

Macau is a good place. Las Vegas of Asia. Great food and cheap Portugese wine. Far more affordable than HK. Don't get mixed up with Russian hookers because their Mafia not far behind. Very safe.

One exAN pilot offered a job but took a position with Dragon as the renumeration better.

Air Macau is hurting from stiff competition from Dragon. To most effectively counter this A330s have been evaluated and decided to be the most effective means of counter attack. Uncertainty over "open skies" has put a halt to 330s and recruitment.

The Chief Pilot is Portugese. He is approachable and has been retrenched himself half a dozen times, so polite and courteous exAN pilots will have his ear! He does recruiting exclusively.

The rush is for Dragon and Emirates amongst exAN F/Os. There are only so many slots though. Very good smaller companies do exist, go find them but don't overstate your status as exAN. The professionalism of some of these smaller companies have evolved well beyond AN.

6th Jan 2003, 01:25
Emirates, Dragon or my "small company" with only 32 737-800s,yes we ARE all professional, and HAVE evolved along way from AN, at least I hope.

17th Jan 2003, 10:27
the aussie was offered an AN seat in mid 2000, decided to go to macau instead. nice guy, and, obviously, a good decision maker.