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4th Jan 2003, 02:10
Having done the sim and board interview last year i was very excited to receive a letter saying that my "application remains under active consideration".

A few months later i received another letter from the recruitment department stating "there may be an opportunity for your file to further progress in our selection process after January 2003".

After calling to ask what this mean't, i was told that reference checks would be the next step in the process then a review of my file by a number of senior management personnel.

Has anyone else received a letter similar to this? If so, have you received a start date? What are the chances of not progressing past this stage?

Any info would be appreciated.

Happy New Year to all.

The Enema Bandit
6th Jan 2003, 03:36
Hey Assman, I dig your handle!!

6th Jan 2003, 13:10
This topic has been brought up a few times so you should be able to find info in the history file. But i can say that if you get references checked it is a good sign but does not mean you are in. Some guys have waited more than 12 months after reference checks for a start. I also know guys you have got the "the thanks but no thanks" after their reference checks. Some guys have been asked back in to complete sections of the process again that were in your position, even guys who have had criminal checks and mouth x-rays have then been asked to re do sections. So basically don't count on anything until you receive the phone call for the start date.

Anyway, good luck!