View Full Version : just CPL or ATPL too ?

3rd Jan 2003, 16:44
I have done much investigation into this question and as yet have found no straight answer....

I am looking at pursuing a sideline career in pleasure flights using a bi-plane or uch like, so the question is....

Is it possible to carry out this on a nice straight forward CPL with perhaps the FI addition (for the convidence value), or is an ATPL a requirement for such work.

Many thx for your time !

3rd Jan 2003, 16:47

No, you don't need an ATPL (or even an fATPL) to do this kind of work.

However, when it comes to the written exams, you would be well advised to do that ATPL exams. The reason is that the ATPL exams entitle you to do an Instrument Rating at a later date if you decide to do so, for not much extra effort. On the other hand, if you do the CPL exams, then change your mind in a couple of years time, you'll need to do the IR exams, which will needlessly duplicate a lot of the stuff that you'd learnt and forgotten for the CPL exams.

Good luck!


3rd Jan 2003, 21:34

Many thanks, my wallet breaths a sigh of relief !!... I would of course then be able to do the distance ATPL at home again for less money.


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