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Time Bomb Ted
3rd Jan 2003, 04:03
Anyone know what the security threat was last night on a QF 744?

I just saw bits and pieces on the news clips.


Islander Jock
3rd Jan 2003, 04:48

only know what I've heard / read in the media:

Qantas bomb threat
By Steve Gee and Lisa Miller
January 03, 2003

UP to 400 passengers were evacuated from a Qantas flight minutes before take-off after a bomb scare at Sydney Airport last night.

A Qantas jet sits on the tarmac at Sydney Airport last night after a bomb scare. Picture: Glenn Miller

The fully-laden 747-400, bound for Europe, was preparing to taxi on to the runway when security personnel ordered the aircraft stopped, following the discovery of a note inside the International Terminal which threatened to blow up an aircraft.

Passengers were told by the captain there was a security scare before being asked to disembark about 8pm.

Australian Federal Police boarded to search with sniffer dogs. Two fire trucks were positioned near the aircraft.

Qantas spokesman Simon Rushton said the threat came after the 5pm Sydney-Singapore-Frankfurt flight had been delayed 2 1/2 hours by a mechanical problem.

"There was a security issue with one of our flights this evening, this has led to a delay with that flight," he said.

"It's being fully investigated by the relevant authorities."

Mr Rushton said passengers were told of the threat and warned the flight would be delayed.

"They were ready to depart and preparing to move from the gate [when the threat was discovered]," he said.

"Passengers were told there was a security issue [and] were disembarked."

Mr Rushton said there were up to 400 passengers on board.

The Daily Telegraph was told prior to the evacuation, a note was discovered inside the International Terminal, threatening to blow up a plane. It was believed the note indicated a bomb had been placed onboard Qantas flight QF5.

Sydney Airport Corporation spokesman Bill Cammeray last night refused to comment on the nature of the threat.

Asked about the discovery of a note, Mr Cammeray said: "I don't want to comment on that. Ask the police."

Mr Cammeray said no other flights were affected by the threat.

An Australian Federal Police spokesman said a search of the plane had been conducted and nothing had been found.

"We've concluded our search of the aircraft and nothing's been located," the spokesman said.

The Daily Telegraph