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2nd Jan 2003, 20:14
Would anyone be able to tell me what the first jet engined aircraft used by the RAF was.
Your help would be appreciated

2nd Jan 2003, 20:55
Gloster Meteor Mk.I was first jet to serve with the RAF, and the only Allied jet aircraft to see combat service during WW2. The first two to enter service were delivered to 616 Squadron at Culmhead on 12 July 1944. First operational sorties were flown (from 616's new base at Manston) on 27 July 1944 against V1 flying bombs, with first 'kills' achieved on 4 August, one by tipping the V1 over with the Meteor's wingtip, the other with guns.

2nd Jan 2003, 21:02
First experimental type: Gloster Whittle E28/39 reg. W 4041. First flew 15 May 1941 at RAF Cranwell.

First jet aircraft to enter squadron service: Gloster Meteor Mk 1 (reg no.s EE213 to EE222 and EE224 to 229). First aircraft were delivered to 616 Sqn at RAF Culmhead (or Trilkey Warren) on 12 July 1944; the squadron moved to RAF Manston and scored its first jet victory on 4 Aug 1944 when Fg Off Dean tipped a V1 flying bomb out of control with his aircraft's wingtip!

3rd Jan 2003, 22:52
I had the pleasure of entertaining John Cunningham (including a couple of G&Ts) at the 2001 Biggin Hill Air Fair where he recalled the time he was requested to position to Farnborough together with 'Sailor' Malan, where they found they had to test fly the Vampire. It was his very first experience with a jet aircraft.

As we sat outside, he asked what a particular warbird was, interesting shape and sound - it was the P39 Airacobra. Later that evening, the Vampire had its tragic accident. It must have been particularly sad for him to hear about it. And then the P39 the next day.

I had the great fortune to fly over to the event in the JU-52. Amazing to see Sally B air to air - we followed her in. But I digress.

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